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Author Topic: The Haunted Pyramids *Official* Reviews 2013  (Read 1461 times)
« on: October 07, 2013, 07:17:29 AM »

Submitted by: Screaming_Diana
Date Attended: October 5, 2013
Scare Factor:  4/5
Last year was my first visit here and I was in awe at what I saw.  This year was no different.  It’s simply thrilling to see this almost carnival like attraction hidden in gully way back in the woods.
Some parts of The Haunted Pyramids are really scary while other parts were just a lot of fun.  You get four haunts in one place; the actual Haunted Pyramids, Clown Town, Monster Manor, and the Asylum.  The Haunted Pyramids was definitely the scariest while Monster manor was more fun.
Actors:  4/5
They have some good, scary, energetic actors this year.  Not only were they terrorizing people as they came through their section of the haunt but they were roaming around outside of the attractions scaring people as the mingled outside. The actors with chainsaws do a superb job of scaring people and keeping them moving on to the next scene.  The clowns are fantastic and there seemed to be a ton of them.  The clown at the end of Clown Town was not only scaring people leaving his section but also enjoying every opportunity to frighten those leaving the pyramids.  There were 2 men literally running and screaming as they were chased away from the Haunted Pyramids by a crazy clown.  It brought a smile to my face!
Set Design/Props/FX:  4/5
My first impression is wow!  It looks fun and inviting as you walk up but if you take a closer look you realize there is something very frightening going on down there.  The walls are dark and covered in Halloween graffiti, fire blazes in front of one building, and monsters are lurking on the balcony of another.  Monster Manor and Clown Town have some amazing 3D sets.  A vortex is fun but imagine it in 3D.  You will experience a lot of narrow walkways, low ceilings, and some very sketchy uneven, tilted, crooked, sunken floors.  The rooms are dark, the walls are brightly colored, add in 3D, with these seemingly unstable floors, all while monsters are coming at you and you’ve got yourself a  screaming good time.  Can there be clowns in an asylum?  At the Haunted Pyramids yes! It seemed a bit odd but in a good way.  You will have a blast venturing through Monster Manor dancing to some upbeat monster music.  The pyramid section is by far the scariest.  Upon entering you must follow a red laser light to find the door.  I was terrified when I got lost in the pitch black maze.  All I could hear were whispers and an occasional scream but I couldn’t find the person who was once in front of me.  The maze was very well done and has some shocking surprises.
Length:  5/5
It’s perfect!  We seemed to go through the Asylum and Clown Town fairly quickly but Monster Manor and definitely the Pyramids take some time to get through.  They split the haunts up so you don’t feel like you’re waiting in line all night instead you feel like you’ve spent your night being terrified in a haunt with a few short lines here and there.
Value:  5/5
You get four haunts in one place for one price.  It doesn’t get much better than that.  Admission is $22 for all four haunted houses plus they offer $2 off coupons on their website.  They also have $15 fright night specials.  Check out their website for details.
They had a decent crowd and the haunt owner said it was the last open Saturday at their county fair.  Almost everyone loves the fair so if people are skipping it and coming here the Haunted Pyramids must be good.
Overall Impression:  4/5
It’s a great atmosphere and the staff was so friendly.  Of course it was scary and I screamed a couple dozen times but it was also nice to laugh and enjoy myself in between scares.  The lines were not long but while waiting you get to enjoy watching people run from the other haunts as they are being chase by monsters and chainsaws.  My group seemed highly entertained watching a kid try to make cotton candy!  You will get your money’s worth on the cotton candy they were packing those bags full.  They offer concessions and have picnic tables to eat at or just hang out at for a while.  Overall I had a wonderful time and would HIGHLY recommend this Haunt to anyone.  Even if you’re not local it’s worth the drive. 
« Reply #1 on: October 08, 2013, 08:20:15 AM »

Visit Date: 10/5/13
Submitted by: packbacker

Scare Factor: 4/5
The Haunted Pyramids is always fun and sometimes scary.  The four attractions are The Asylum, Clown Town, Monster Manor, and the Haunted Pyramids themselves.  The Asylum really stepped up the scare factor this year.  It starts very slowly but when "patients" start jumping from the ceiling things ramp up very quickly.  Clown Town seemed a little weaker in the scare factor this year but is entertaining from start to finish with the trippy 3D visuals, uneven flooring, and of course a chainsaw wielding finale.  Monster Manor is always my favorite element.  You flow through some beautiful 3D attractions into the most insane downward pitch black spiral (?) towards the outdoors.  The scares continue with a penultimate scare from Pinhead.  Haunted Pyramids is the longest attraction with a great laser scare, Saw scene, maze, flame attraction, and more.  Most of the scares are pop scares but there will be pursuit if you show fear.  On down time the asylum and clown actors will terrorize people on the "midway".  I watched one clown chase two guys for ten minutes to and fro.  And yes, I high-fived "John Wayne Gacy" (as he called himself) as he finally let those two poor gentlemen get along with their evening.  I can't quantify that kind of entertainment value.

Actors: 4/5
The actors here have made noticeable strides over the years.  There was no breaking of character and no just hanging out in front of the haunt.  We had one clown stalk us in every room, an asylum patient wandering around the midway just screaming and twitching, and great timing on our pop scare actors throughout the other attractions.     

Props/Sets/Fx: 4/5
There are noticeable additions this year.  Air bags in the asylum, inflatables across the midway, and other treats are visible at the pyramids.  The clown costumes are great with solid make-up for those without masks.  The 3D is well done with a great disorientation effect.  Some things including the flooring are showing their age....but honestly that is part of the overall charm of this place.

Length: 5/5
There are four separate haunts.  Plan on an hour minimum to finish them all if the crowds are light.  Two short houses and two long houses leave you feeling just right.

Value: 5/5
Prices vary from $15 to $22 for an inclusive ticket to all four attractions. It's worth every penny.

Free parking!  The Haunted Pyramids has a full gift shop, multiple food options, and a large number of picnic tables to lounge about at during your down time.  While we didn't partake of the food I watched one young lady pack a bag of cotton candy for what seemed like twenty minutes.  I don't think you will go hungry and I'm sure prices are reasonable.   
The staff are all pleasant and accommodating.

Overall 4.5/5
The Haunted Pyramids grows on me year after year.  My first thought years ago was skepticism- what were we going to find at this haunt in the middle of nowhere with no signage?  Fun.  Over the years it's upped the scare factor and definitely the actor talent.  I dare you to attend this haunt and not have a good time.  Whether you're screaming, admiring the props (LOVE the pumpkin "graffiti" on the wall), or high-fiving a clown who is doubled over breathing heavy after chasing guys around picnic tables you will have a heckuva good time.
« Reply #2 on: October 10, 2013, 11:17:01 AM »

Visited: 10/5/13
Submitted by: jonesm

Scare Factor: 3.5/5
With its unique multi-trail format, the Pyramids represents a spectrum of scares in one haunt, and for one reasonable price.  The Manor is generally more fun, the Pyramids themselves are the scariest, and that's still the case this year.  Clown Town is always the weakest/most family friendly, and that's the same this year as well.  What's different is the Asylum.  I'd say there's about twice as many props in there as there were in the past, and the actors seem to have renewed enthusiasm for their scares as well.  It was a massive step up, and adds to an already above average haunt.  This place truly has a scare for everyone!

Actors: 4/5
The Pyramids have gotten much better in this regard in the past few years.  There are virtually no dead spots anymore, and every monster did a great job committing to their scares.  Again, special notice goes to the Asylum, where the actors fit the theme throughout and seemed to literally come from every angle.  The actors are still too prone to just be walking around in no discernible character going to the bathrooms or grabbing a drink, but they were also doing a better job than I've seen at chasing people on the midway and generally following through on the scare as far as possible.  It's not a bad trade off in the end.

Sets/Props/FX: 4/5
This is a haunt that believes wholeheartedly in the more-is-more method of set design, and I love it!  I already mentioned how much more stuff of all sorts there was in the Asylum, at one point it felt like you were digging through the bottom of a cluttered closet just to move forward.  And everything has a dilapidated "found" quality to it that make the sets actually become their own character in the haunt.  Having been a few years now, I did find myself wondering how long it'd be until parts of it just start to collapse on
themselves, or what disasters might befall that random exposed nail right next to where the line moves, but hey, no pain no gain, right?  You don't go to spook trails to bask in your feeling of safety and contentment, after all.  It just makes it a haunt where you need to watch yourself, but isn't that all of them, honestly?

Length: 5/5
There are four separate houses/trails of varying lengths, length is among the very best you'll find. 

Value: 5/5
Priced like one trail, but you get four; plus a full midway area, a gift shop, food trucks (though I can't say I recommend the cotton candy!), and enough eye candy to never get bored if there's a line somewhere.  Terrific value here!

Overall: 4.5/5
Coming from Winston, this trail represents a real haul for us, but its quality makes it a highlight for me every season anyway.  There's so much to do, the scares are legit, and there's so much wonder in location itself, I just love it.  It is feeling a little creaky and sometimes frankly a little dangerous for the general public, and it will need some serious refreshing of basic infrastructure in the next few years, but for now its age is totally endearing as a haunt and much more like something haunted rather than slick and prefabbed.  It's out of the way from almost everywhere, but if you're a real fan, you'll want to give this one a go sometime.  I feel pretty safe in predicting you'll have a good time, because there really is something for everyone here.
« Reply #3 on: October 17, 2013, 09:09:07 AM »

Visited 10/5/13
Submitted by: 13moons

Scare Factor: 4/5 – Haunted Pyramids is owned by a guy who does sets and pyrotechnics design for the entertainment business (tv and movies), and his talent makes this a uniquely scary adventure that hikes-up the scare factor for set design/props/FX. Apparently, the Asylum is an actual set used in a movie which I thought was super cool, and I think that should be advertised – at least with a sign! There are four major sets here (with four different lines to wait in): 1) the Pinhead indoor/outdoor house, 2) a haunted house with a maze at the end, 3) the 3D clown house and, 4) the Asylum house.  Each is very different, going is like getting (and waiting for) four haunts in one. The house part took a bit to reset before we got to go in. It was eerie-scary, jolt-scary, and disorienting scary. The big guy I went with was pulling my shirt in the dark parts – he said he couldn’t see. Hmmm. Methinks he was a little scared! There are noticeable changes in this house from last year – more intense crooked and leaning floors (some of which I tripped over going along) and fewer scenes replaced by shorter, pin-turning dark mazes inside, the outside part was short but super-sonic loud. Back to back 3D rooms were not scary in themselves but the jolt-scares got us while we were delighting in the psychedelic rhapsody from top to bottom. Next, we did the Asylum which had great sound effects, atmosphere and lighting, but it was a light night on the actor side of things. I lost track of how many times I couldn’t tell a prop from an actor in these first two parts and I left with a bit of a sore throat from screaming and yelping at the multiple unexpected startles. The clown house was sad this year. Something(s) were missing and so were my ooo-ahh freakouts in that one. The maze house made me want to cry because last year it was my Tip Top Number One Maze. This year, more classic haunt scare sets seemed to take over the space where the best ever mega-maze once was. So, instead of Haunted Pyramids having a pitch-black long-ass amazing maze house, now it’s more like a haunted house with a maze at the end. The changes are still in the fun-factor grade-A category!

Actors: 2/5 – The actors who were on were “on” except one who was way, way, off and the noticeable lack of actors clocked-in the night we went impacts what I would want to see from The Haunted Pyramids for acting. The noseeum actors were superbly well-attuned to grabbing the scares out of me – popping out of clever spots and coming from startling directions. The woman in the haunted house + maze did her block-and-scream like no other – she never bat an eyelash or wavered from her embodied character – she needs some of those glow-eyes because her eyes were so wide (and screams so high-pitched and constant), it would really accentuate her unique talent for not blinking. The whole prop vs. actor distractors kept me on pins and needles because in many scenes I really could not tell what just “got” me. Beetlejuice was in perfect character. He interacted with us like we were inside the film in every way. The way-off actor needs a list of haunt lines that don’t include “white power”. I nearly fell over when I heard that. Really not scary and way off color; if he would have said anything else or nothing, it would have been like a haunt instead of fifty years ago, 1963. I have a dream the full actor crew can show up, get their “line list” (or whatever) and do a fantastic job at Haunted Pyramids - so I’ll be watching this season.

Set Design/Props/FX: 3.5/5 – Props: Seeing actors pulling the prop that won’t start gave me enough time to plug my ears and get away in one part. Other props we waited for because they are just cool and you don’t get to see them other places but if you’ve never been and don’t know when, you won’t get the hot shot of nervous system breakout. The light at the stairway in the movie room was better this year but some of the other places where people come running, it’s easy to trip and fall. I watched people coming out laughing and screaming falling all over the ground in the Asylum set. The set designs are truly fantastic with some (literal) holes to attend to, it’s the precious price to pay for utter creativity where you will be running, turning, crouching, ducking and/or looking behind you quite frequently. What happened in the outdoor part of house 1 this year? That set is so cool, something fresh needs to happen there. The addition of multiple, shorter black mazes and underfooting was awesome and the scenes in the house+maze were highly detailed and engaging. So far this year, Haunted Pyramids gets my top 3D score – long, freaky, scary, and weirdly fun. The short maze versus the best-in-class maze from 2012 was a bummer and personally impacted my score in this section. If you’ve never been, you won’t know what you didn’t get, so for newbies who haven’t lost something they loved, this section would score more like a 4/5 (because of the prop and set fix-ups like the loose floor, some of the ramps, a few props and ripped spinner that need TLC).

Length: 4/5 – This haunt is like 4 haunts at one location. The longest is the house+maze at the end (about 25-30 minutes), then the haunted indoor/outdoor house (about 15-20 minutes), then the Asylum (about 10 minutes), and the Clown House was the shortest (under 10 minutes). However, waiting in line for each one can take a long time. The good thing is that once inside, you can take your time in the awesome sets without people pushing or rushing you along.  The long lines take away from just being able to flow through the whole thing after waiting in one single line. There is no VIP pass to skip any lines (that I saw) being currently offered.

Value: 5/5 – Other than the long lines for each set, you get four haunts in one for $20. I haven’t seen set designs like this around  - truly unique and clever including certain special FX you won’t see other places. However, two of the haunts are really short and could be combined into one. And, the Asylum house is from a Real Movie Set, which is you won’t get anywhere else. At the web site, you can save between $2 and $5 depending on what night you want to go: I would pay extra for a VIP pass to only wait in one line but I didn’t see that offered. This haunt is a jaunt off the beaten-path, so start early if you plan to hit others that same evening. They have concessions and a funky haunt store plus some covered waiting areas in case it rains – and they are open rain or shine - that's important to know and an awesome commitment to depend upon when we need to go haunting no matter what.

Overall: 3.85/5 –  This haunt is worth the country drive especially if you have never been here. It’s a great haunt for first-timers and addicts to bring pals because you get it all: the dolls, the clowns, the gore, the shocks, the mazes, 3D, the monsters, the movie-feel, the ultra-creative sets – and nearly every kind of scare possible. However, on the night we went, actors were clearly missing, props need love, and some set (re)setting issues took points off this overall score. I look forward to seeing this score skyrocket and maybe a few tweaks to the line-waiting experience for the general public, so keep the reviews coming y’all and don’t miss this special haunt.
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