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Author Topic: SC Fear Farm Blacksburg, SC  (Read 1014 times)
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SC Fear Farm
Visit Date:  10/11/13

Scare Factor: 4/5
SC Fear Farm was easily the scariest attraction of the five we visited in South Carolina.  Leaps and bounds scarier.  I generally jump a handful of times a's
very difficult to get me.  Congrats to the Fear Farm for my first startle of 2013.  An excellently placed actor inside the air bags completely caught me off guard.  You have a winding indoor trail through a very large barn.  There is a great mix of props and well placed actors.  Pop scares are followed up well with some chasing and there is little to no down-time between scares.  The scare at the end is solid and a great way to end the visit. 

Actors: 3/5
It seems like there were both more last year as well as some who were more into the mood.  Don't get me wrong, we had people menacing us but the outright harassment (that's a good thing) and personal interaction from last year was noticeably absent.  The clown area seemed to be much more tame and a bit understaffed.  Michael Myers did a great job of working over a young man in the queue line.

Props/Set/Fx 4/5
The sets here have a great eye for detail.  There are several fun props- a vomiting zombie, a snake that absolutely soaked me in "venom", and the final illusion which I don't want to give away.  The one weaker area for me was the fenced in room which could have used some more pop but was certainly claustrophobic and foggy. 

Length 4/5
I was left wanting more but I'm not sure how they would fit more in the confines of their interior.  The Fear Farm is a fully indoor attraction and therefore can't make the trail any longer.  The queue line was notably faster this year but still paced things well so groups did not run up on each other. 

Value 5/5
It's an incredibly solid value for $13.  Compared to the other trails we visited on our SC foray this was the most professional and scariest by a wide margin.  Honestly I think they could bump their price upwards.

Free parking!  There is an optional sideshow for $2 more that we did not visit.  There is excellent signage on your way to Fear Farm so that you know you're headed the right direction and not into the SC wilderness.

Overall 4/5
In the Blacksburg area of South Carolina, the SC Fear Farm stands out against its competitors.  This is a well designed indoor haunt that is interesting to look at and delivers on the fright scale.  Incredibly well priced it should be a must visit for those in the area.

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