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Author Topic: Woods of Terror *Official* Reviews 2013  (Read 2208 times)
« on: October 17, 2013, 09:10:38 AM »

Visited 10/12/13
Submitted by: 13moons

Scare factor: 4.75/5- WOT is Woods of Terror this year.  Impressive overhaul from last year - these folks have it nailed - for the mature teen+, and not because of gross themes - because it's just too scary for youngsters. Best pitch black maze hands down so far - all kinds of disorientation, slanting and crawling and biting things kept the crowd moving into several dead ends and constant shocking  - textures to jump out of the darkness with. Yikes!  Gotta be agile and smart if you plan to get out of that one! Very claustrophic and there is zero cheating - no walls to count on or actors to point us "that way".   Totally new sets filled with thrills and scares- the metal house is particularly freaky and uses both atmosphere (great sound!!!) and actors pumping up the jam startles. Way better than last year - not sure those could be better, actually! The near constant mazes both inside and out were scary, whoa! kind of fiendish fun with lots of crowd reaction and a satisfying mix of actor interaction.  The 3D house parts were like tripped-out evil from floor to walls extravaganza. We got (real) 3D glasses - not the paper kind- and other chatskies like black mesh bags for our heads with a fire cylinder at the end in another set- not sure why- and the turban guy character was tacky. Overall, good mix of startle scares along the pathways which are well- constructed this year. The only barrels I saw were used with something else or in clever, bio-hazardous, creepy ways. Fresh overhauls with many sets and minimal line hold-ups inside on a busy Saturday night, too. A few sets didn't get the love the new ones got. The classic characters played scary vs standing around signing autographs, which was a tremendous improvement. Just wish they would come up with their own key characters instead of old movie ones we see over and over.  It's wild fun, totally adrenaline- pumping, intense sensation-stimulation during nearly the entire experience. WOT 2013 delivers the scare goods.

Actors: 4/5- The predictable classicism of those particular movie characters was kind of a let down sprinkled in with the other clever actor types and the pop-gotcha actors.  Although Freddy, Jason and Michael interacted, whole scenes with just those guys seemed more like an ode than scary actor integration. But, the acting was well done. Other characters, and lots of them, mostly in the sets, had their own scare flair - even the Irish Lestat looking vampire stalking his lingerie-wearing prey in the bedroom with Jabba the Hut was into his role 100%. Top notch goes to startle factor acting and some key actors who engaged with us in the sets- they made me jump, scream and even laugh more than once.

Set Design/Props/FX: 4.75-5- this place has gone from chicken wire to tin barrels to now near fully constructed permanent wooden fencing inside the haunt.  Totally different feel inside WOT. Even the vending area, waiting to go in or hanging out after, has tons of new adventures like the spin barrel for a buck - it was worth it just for the awesome sound alone; roasting marsh mellows in real fire pits with a zombie; funky mirrors; a coffin ride; and cool picture snap scenes- it's like all kinds of box-sheds with stuff to do - and a stage- but what's the show schedule and what is the show? Great DJ lady and her area, but she was telling infomercials in-between the tunes.  Inside, looking over the set (at a dead zone) waiting for the miners tunnel is really cool - the layout is intricately and ominously awesome and you get to take it in right there. That's a great distractor, so please do something (else) in that area - there's that great hill on the one side- sound; fog do something besides a street lamp thing. Some older sets need love and reworking- I didn't get my movie surprise this year, but the creepy dollhouse and actress was new. Do something to us connected to the movie besides popcorn - that's a great place for one of those longer LCD-type props where we get bashed or splashed at the end.  Not a lot of animatronics in this but the designs like the walk through busses, real clever and creepy.  There were live snakes in this haunt, too. Impressive use of the dark, real dark; structures, sound and strobes.

Length: 5/5 - so much going on in the place that makes long waits to get in bearable and even some scare fun if you want. The internal pace was cleaner overall- only a three or so places we had to (re)wait once inside. It took about 30-45 minutes once we got inside the actual haunt.

Value: 5/5- even though there's a $5 parking fee which sucks, I got a full on scare experience. Great location to fit in another one same night, too.

Overall: 4.5/5  - WOT is high wire scary fun. It's intense; it's brutal on the senses and its not for families with youngsters. Also not a good first haunt - need to ease your way into this if you're a virgin. And if you freak out with claustrophobia you will have a panic attack and die in that first maze. A recovering claustrophobe ( desensitization from years of haunting), I would have gotten violently panicked in there. For others who can take it, don't play a joke on someone who can't until you let them get through another scary but not as scary black maze first. Otherwise, they may never go again to any haunt or trust you and probably unfriend you on Facebook too.
« Reply #1 on: October 21, 2013, 07:07:55 AM »

Date Attended:  10/18/2013
Submitted By: Sissyhaunt

Scare Factor 4.5/5 – WOT equals WOW, this year. They have really put a lot of work into this haunt this year. From the actors to the sets, there is a constant onslaught to your senses. From what you see and don’t see, the realistic smells (especially in the slaughterhouse), to what you touch and what touches you, to the claustrophobic spaces that cause you to crouch, squeeze and crawl through small spaces every sense is tested. Where will you end up, who is at the end of that dark maze, can you survive till the end? Abundant and aggressive chainsaw wielding nightmares and a disgusting toilet that regurgitates on you and everything in between. 

Actors 4/5 – The actors this year are a huge improvement from years past. Some were quite relentless in pursuit of maximizing your fears. All of the ones I encountered stayed in character and provide a scare that matched their area. There are a couple of the traditional movie characters, but they were in the Horrorwood Cinema section so it worked well. There were a few actors who just yelled, “Keep it moving”, or “Get out”, which left me wanting more from them. On the whole they did a great job.

Set Design/FX/ Prop 5/5 – The sets were remarkable with a lot of attention to detail. My favorite set was Chaos 3D. So much work went into that and they give you actual 3D glasses and allowed me to take in much more than I would have with the paper kind. Seeing the vortex with the 3D glasses is an experience you don’t want to miss. The doll house, taken from the movie, “Dead Silence”, made me extremely glad I did not have a doll in my home. There are several dark mazes that are disorientingly daunting, especially the last one that requires you to enter with a hood. Going through a dark maze is alarming enough but adding the hood and walls that manage to shock every part of your body takes it to a whole new level. Even the trail itself has improved. In years past I was always tripping over tree roots and holes, but they have really cleaned it up which makes it so much easier to maneuver. The midway area has even improved with so much to keep you occupied before and after the haunt. You can even get your picture taken with an enormous snake. You could easily spend an entire night here so plan on being here awhile.

Length 5/5 – Depending on your pace it can take 45 minutes to an hour to get through the actual haunt. There is plenty to keep you occupied while waiting in line to enter. No boredom here.

Value 5/5 – Prices are anywhere from $15.00 - $35.00, depending on the night and whether you get a fast pass or not. There is also a $5.00 parking fee. While I dislike paying for parking, the price of the tickets seems to be a good value for all you experience at Woods of Terror.

Other 5/5 – I wouldn’t recommend bringing young children unless you enjoy having to comfort your child when they have nightmares.

Overall Impression 4/5 – Even with the parking fee, this is a must experience haunt. They have improved so much this year it is unbelievable. My opinion of WOT has gone up 100% and one of the people that went with us said it was the best haunt he has gone to this year.
« Reply #2 on: October 21, 2013, 07:22:55 AM »

Submitted by: Screaming_Diana
Date Attended: 10/20/2013
Scare Factor: 1/5
There is great potential for scares here but scares cannot be achieved when 30+ people are sent through in one group.  The scare is totally lost when you see and hear the scare attempted up a head.  The maze was scary but not because it was haunted.  It was scary because someone is going to get seriously injured in there.  It might work in small groups when you can slowly feel your way through but when you have 20 or more people behind you pushing and shoving you forward in the darkness it is dangerous.  The ending was a complete let down as we walk past 2 un-costumed guys twirling chainsaws who seemed as bored as I was.
Actors: 3/5
The majority of the actors did the best they could with the huge line of people they had to entertain.  I was stalked by a clown, cornered by Jeepers Creepers, harassed by Freddy, and singled out by a zombie.  Giving that kind of attention to people must be hard to do when you have a swarm of people to scare.  A lot of the actors had on very intricate costumes while others were just in t-shirts.  It was a bit odd to have such extremes in characters.  The actors roaming around the midway were doing a great job harassing people as they waited their turn to get in line.
Set Design/Props/FX: 5/5
The sets and props are amazing to look at.  The Hewitt house is incredible.  The front of the house completely fascinated me and the inside was stunningly detailed.  Visually this place is perfect.  If the lines were managed and smaller groups were sent though this place could be top notch.  They have the best 3D clown area around.  The graveyard scene, theater, vampire house, and the Hewitt house all looked terrific they just lacked scares.  Sailing in the pirate ship is fun and disorienting as you try to make your way through in the dark.
Length: 3/5
Woods of Terror is a long haunt.  Just being long doesn’t always make it good.  Especially when there are minimal scares and a never ending line of people in front of and behind you.   
Value: 2/5
This is hard because the value completely depends on what you are looking for in a haunt.  If you want a terrifying, in your face kind of haunt this place would seem like a rip off.  If you are coming for a few scares, to hang out with friends, dance to upbeat music, and just stay a while you will probably be very happy with the cost.  General admission is $25 but if you go on Sunday through Thursday the cost is only $15.  At this price you are getting an ok deal.   
Parking is $5 so carpool if you can.  They have a lot of entertainment, food, and gift shops for you to enjoy while waiting.  You could also get a Halloween tattoo, have your picture taken with a very large snake, or sit by the fire and make smores.
Overall Impression: 2/5
The huge train of people sent through this haunt at once completely destroys the mood for me.  Standing in an assembly line of 30 people while a character walks by with a chainsaw is just not effective.  The blackout zone is a neat concept but being shocked, with a black sack over your head , as someone grabs at your feet just doesn’t work when you are jammed in a maze with nowhere to go because the line, once again, has come to a complete stop.  This place could be one heck of a scary haunt if the lines could be better managed.  They’ve got impressive props, enthusiastic actors, and a great setting but what’s missing are scares.  I cannot imagine how backed up these lines can get on a peak, Friday or Saturday, night.  I would recommend going on a slower night through the week and take advantage of the lower ticket price and the lines will likely be smaller. 
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Submitted by: packbacker
Visit date: 10/20/13

Scare Factor: 1.5/5
It got the extra 0.5 because they got me to jump.  That's not easy to do so 1/2 point for you!  Otherwise Woods of Terror is a conga line of beautiful set pieces and boredom.  I cannot count how many times I came to a complete stop.  I'm not talking about a smaller queue line inside the haunt.  I mean a complete stop with a bag over my head in a shocking maze, a complete stop inside a set of air-bags, a complete stop inside the pirate ship, in the middle of the cemetary, in the vampire house, time and time and time again I'm at a full stop...often times while crashing into the person in front of me.  The lady in the final maze probably should have been my girlfriend after what we through together.  Any mood that can develop is quickly lost.  Pop scares are more plentiful but the overall scare level is poor.  Note- mazes are not scary when you are being shocked and cannot move.  Mazes are not scary when you have two hundred people in a pitch dark enclosed space and you bump your face twice not realizing you have to duck to exit.  That's insane, not scary.  Oh yeah- the guy kidney punching people as the exit the last maze is just a recipe for disaster.

Actors: 4/5
I found the actors at Woods of Terror this year better in both numbers and delivery.  Unfortunately their job is incredibly difficult as hundreds of people are at a stand-still.  The clowns were fantastic.  The vampires wanted to deliver but couldn't with 40 people in one room.  The actors in the Hewitt house seemed bored and the Leatherface individual walked non-chalantly past a stopped line of people without so much as a menace.  The general pop scare actors did a decent job and their timing was well done making sure to hit all aspects of a group (if it had not devolved into the conga).   

Sets/Props/Fx: 4/5
So as I sat stopped any number of instances I had ample time to fully take in the surroundings.  It's fantastic.  The Hewitt house is probably my favorite exterior in all of North Carolina.  The 3D clown area is again tops in the region.  The mine tunnel is suitably grimy and the vampire lair looks authentically Victorian.  Costumes and make-up are breath-taking in parts while in others it's incredibly lacking.  Why have two uncostumed guys with chainsaws to end the haunt?  I ended up taking a point off because of the mazes.  Mazes
are disorienting and fun when they work.  The design *idea* is great here but the execution is severely flawed and frankly dangerous to shovel that many people into a pitch black enclosed space.  I'm envisioning a trampled child before the season ends...   

Length: 3/5
It's long.  Multiple sets and attractions spread over a large swath of land.  Despite the numerous attractions, though, I found myself bored and hoping the end was soon.  Nope, another line to stand in the pitch black...while being shocked!

Value: 2/5
What are you looking for in a haunt?  If you want an entire evening of lines, amazing sets, and the occasional scares this is for you.  If you prefer smaller groups with real horror then the value to you is low.  For $15 on an off night (Sunday) the value increases exponentially.  For $25 on a stupidly crowded Friday....honestly you couldn't pay me to go.  It's all in the eye of the beholder this time around.

Parking is $5 and they're not afraid to warn you.  There's even a sign that says "Beware! Parking $5".  Sigh.  Lay staff seemed much more happy, helpful, and informative this year.  There are multiple food options, a DJ, creatures roaming the midway, other smaller attractions, gift shops, and photo opportunities.  There's plenty to do outside of the haunt itself.

Overall: 1.5/5
It looks great.  Truly great.  It's such a shame that group size and spacing can't be controlled.  Halfway through I was ready to quit.  By the end I was shaking I was so mad with my experience.  Drop the mazes and I think I just chalk it up to cattle call mentality.  With the mazes I'm basically molesting the person in front of me as we walk two steps at a time to come to an abrupt pelvic bouncing shock.  While stopped inside the Hewitt house I lost count at 60 people at a dead stop through two rooms.  Sigh.  Scares are non existent at this
point in time and you just become sad and/or angry.  As I spent the better part of ten minutes shuffling and stopping and shuffling and stopping while my head was in a hopefully washed black sack ramming into the woman's posterior in front of me while being shocked by the walls of the maze only to end it with a guy grabbing my side in a rough fashion I realized I felt like a cow on the way to slaughter.  I know this is gonna stink...but let's get it over with.  Move forward.  Moo.
« Reply #4 on: October 22, 2013, 09:44:11 AM »

Date Attended:  10/18/2013
Submitted By: Waya

Scare Factor 4.5/5 – Woods of Terror really kicked up their game this year. It felt like a non stop onslaught from the time you enter from endless pitch black mazes, the actors were dead on sound coming from everywhere, slithering creatures and a few moments that will shock you. I really enjoyed that for the length of the haunt they kept you on your toes with plenty  of actors to keep it interesting.

Actors 4/5 – The actors did a great job staying in character and keeping the energy up. They fit well in their scenes and were definatly in your face and in one place the non human members of the haunt really set some people screaming.

Set Design/FX/ Prop 5/5 – They did an excellent job with both the sets and fx this year. I enjoyed the cinema area moving from live movie to live movie the chacters were excellent. Maze after maze (on of which you enjoy complete darkness in a hood). In the mazes best hope you have no problems with tight spaces because it gets pretty narrow, live reptiles, electric shocks, great 3D, even the movement of the sets. Your going to enjoy yourself.

Length 5/5 – I found the length to be good, about 45 minutes although it seems longer with everything going on, you are not bored and the pace is fast but they control it well.

Value 4.5/5 – Good value for your entertainment dollar, tix range from $15 - $35 plus parking. Lines can be long but worth the wait

Other 4.5/5 – Great haunt  good for a date or family night but may be a bit much for young children unless you enjoy having them glued to you even after you get home.

Overall Impression 4/5 – I was pleasantly suprised this year Woods of Terror definitely brought up their game. I also have to say it was great hearing the eerie music haunt soundtrack in the background, that brought back memories from when I was young and always thought it added to a haunt experience.
« Reply #5 on: November 02, 2013, 07:10:11 AM »

Submitted by: Bethyboo
Date Attended:  10-18-13

Scare Factor: 5/5   there were some serious scares at this attraction.  I could really tell a lot of work went into the 2013 season.   The best scare they do have is the first building that is very creepy crawly, and then goes pitch black.  I think this adds to the scare factor because you already have this mental picture of what’s inside this building. I practically crawled through!  There were several dark mazes and one had a shocking effect. 

Actors:  5/5 the actors were super charged this year. In every section of this haunts I was surprise attacked by an actor.  I thought I could watch all directions for a monster and they got me every time. I really screamed a lot in this attraction.  It also seemed like there were more actors in the haunt. It really added to the scare factor.
Set Design: 5/5 the sets at WOT are very detailed.  I noticed that they have changed the paths up a bit since last year.  It seemed to be sectioned off better this year. There were also an infinite about of 50 gallon drums lining the attraction through the woods.  I know the actors used them for startle scares by banging on them as you walked by.

Length: 5/5 the length of time to go through WOT is 45 minutes.  You do not get in line to the attraction unless you have a fast pass. They hand out playing cards and you get in line when your card number is called.  They do allow people to wander around the shops and visit the monster museum while waiting.  Once your number is called and you get in the queue line, it is a short wait to enter the attraction.

Value: 4/5 the cost of WOT is $15 on Thursdays, and $25 on the weekend nights.  There is a fast pass charge of $10.00 extra if you don’t want to wait in line.  Also, you do have to pay to park at this attraction for $5. 

Other:  They are offering a “Terror in the Darkness on November 1st and 2nd only.  This sounds like a very scary quest to me.

Overall Impression: 4/5 I think WOT is focused on scaring you in 2013. This is a high energy, startle scare attraction.  One of the best haunts I attended in 2013.
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