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Author Topic: Xtreme Fear *Official* Reviews 2013  (Read 2491 times)
« on: October 24, 2013, 11:08:28 AM »

Attended 10/12/13
Submitted by: 13moons

Scare Factor: 3/5 – X-treme Fear is special because it stands out with a sustained naturalistic scare intelligence. Although it's located in the backwoods and parking is in a mowed-down bumpy field, I didn't get Deliverance feel overall in this haunt. The entry zone is not extravagant: no neon, no blasting music; no monsters; minimal props, (fluorescent concessions and a few cool logo wearables) and a row of outhouse bathrooms. But, once inside the wait gate, there is a professional tone of truly eerie, well-crafted scare factor inside and out. It was a scaryfun adventure sliding my way through majorly improved passage systems. Last year, we seriously got lost in the mire of taped-off trails and this year, they were tightly woven and creepier to follow. I felt like I actually stayed 'in' the haunt the whole time. It's the tightest, maziest outdoor squiggle of winding fun just being in the sometimes seemingly endless jaunts between sets that appear out of nowhere in the darkness. It's dark and edgy not knowing when something/someone will...The intro house had some really cool dark mazes and disorienting walkways so getting to the outside trail system was a scary adventure in itself and long enough that I panicked wondering where the heck we were!  Some of the outdoor parts were just being in the dark woods following long, skinny trails in the almost total dark. Someone at X-treme Fear has a haunted green thumb: outdoor trails creepified with natural foliage hovering over us like huggie tunnels tapping into fearing the woods (and things bumping in them) at night!

Actors: 3/5 - The new main hostess was not scary and needs some comfort ad-libbing in her character to poison us with some psychological weirdness -she's darling, but she needs some character confidence! And, it's a long wait out there with only one monster not integrating into the crowd. The fluorescents from the 2-way concessions kill the creepy beauty of the intro facade area and the sensory experience of the long wait time to get in. I looked for the clever photo props and didn't see any this year. I wanted a tone in there and actors!!! (or something/s) to play with while we waited...some kind of scare-tainment in there. The intro house actor: awesome! Amp up the musak in the lobby and maybe shorten the story to two minutes max. It took too long to get the story although watching him was a total blast. The intro house: actors are tight and work it like a championship row-team. After that, it's catch as catch can with several wonderful and completely talented unexpected exceptions. The accosting girl scene: not fun or scary and the actors even laughed at themselves. Pop-scare actors got me along the way and some realistic costumes make me gawk. The actors in the last sets starting with Overalls: thoroughly entertaining and loving their roles! The ending: never had such exiting fun with a massive attack of actors and props of that nature. Bravo to key actors in here who go all out and take the haunt cake even tearing up their costumes doing it (those particular characters get a 5/5)!   

Set Design/Props/FX: 3.5/5 - Major, major improvements in the creepy layout of the long trail system and indoor mazes!  X-treme Fear is an "old school" (mostly) outdoor haunt built around a story line which is not my favorite kind of evil because I don't want to be on a mission when I'm doing a haunt. I want to be 'worked over', not 'working on' when I go haunting. Because the storyline is part of the designed experience, actors carrying the "theme" along cross over into set design. However, a handful of actors mentioned our "purpose" along the way which kept the storyline better connected but it wasn't scary (the startles were) but the "lines" were kind of silly sometimes - at least to me as a Gen Xer. The scenes themselves didn't really play out underneath the whole theme, so that takes a point off. Terrific and eerie new props, costumes, and entryways loom inside for 2013.  But, lackluster fog, music and/or lighting made it hard to be with some of the woods props. There's a unique theme in that lobby I only see bits and pieces of in other haunts. And, a great one to see tied into the entire haunt from sets to props to actors. Along the way a few times too many, we were held up waiting to see a mini-scare show where the build-up took too long, dropping my scare. However, several key, clever uses of FX were tripped-out and X-tremely eye-popping. And, despite the scattered mix-matching, the whole design is intelligent and unique.

Length: 4.75/5 -  The wait is painful, but once inside, it took about 40 minutes to get our X-treme Fear. It's a good mix of sets and lots of walking in the dark woods.   

Value: 5/5 - For $20 with freebies if your military or EMT, it's a fair asking price for the local market and worth the cash. BTW, it's cash only, so be ready unless you purchase your tix online: Plus, this haunt is open "until", which means it's a good one (and a good location) to combine with other haunts the same night. See their schedule: for late night haunt fun. Call first if it's super late - the Owner personally answered customer calls when we were there.

Overall: 4/5 - Fantastic haunt for a first timer or a hardcore Frightseeker. Thrills, laughs, scares, and fun lurk here - it's unique by design, and while it may call itself "old school", it is a professional gig not to be missed.
« Reply #1 on: October 28, 2013, 10:52:16 AM »

Date Attended:  10/26/2013
Submitted By: Sissyhaunt

Scare Factor 3.75/5 – I love this haunt. Even though you are technically in the city, once you enter it feels like you are miles away from civilization. You enter a world where nature, actors and darkness combine to make all your nerve endings scream that this was a bad idea. There was one part the scared my friend so much she threw me into a wall to escape. What would have given this a higher score would have been to have something going on in the wait line, maybe some creepy music or a couple of actors to entertain while waiting to enter. 

Actors 4/5 – The actors here are committed and will not break character even when you beg them to, no mercy here. There are two actors that I have to give a 10/5 score because they were amazing to me. One is the high-speed slithering woman in the graveyard. She sent my friend and I running and amazingly caught up with us while staying on the ground. The other was a guy who we saw outside of one of the houses crouching down who sprang from the ground into the air at us then somehow managed to keep springing up from different sections of the house so quickly our eyes couldn’t keep up with where he was. It was astounding how he could do that without a bungee cord or anything assisting him. The clowns were awesome and very scary one scared me so bad all I could do was stand there and yell, “So wrong, so wrong, so wrong…..”

Set Design/FX/ Prop 5/5 – Of all the haunts, this one maximizes the use of what at times feels like suffocating trees and brush as part of the eerie sets. Outside and inside of the entrance house is decorated amazingly great. The “Chucky dolls” hanging out of the window had several people in line saying that they felt like they were being watched and they thought the dolls were moving, even though they weren’t. The use of the natural woods, darkness and different lighting kept your eyes from adjusting so you couldn’t see what was or wasn’t coming for you. Using this combination caused my friend and I not only to scream at a couple of trees, but take off running into the woods causing us to have to retrace our steps and get back to the trail. The pirate ship and bridge next to it are great sets but need some actors here to put it over the top and make it scary. It is such a well put together set that I hate it is underutilized.

Length 5/5 – It takes about 40-45 minutes to get through this haunt and depending on how scared you get can feel longer. Since you are in the woods you do get a workout so wear comfortable shoes.

Value 5/5 – They offer free parking and with ticket prices being $20 this is a great value for this haunt. They offer ½ off for military, law enforcement and fire fighters with I.D. at the ticket booth.

Other – X-Treme Fear is open from 7 p.m. until ??, which makes it good if you go to another haunt first. We were in line about 35 minutes and would have seemed shorter if something was going on while you waited.

Overall Impression 4/5 – This is a must see that you don’t want to miss. Depending on how well your child can handle startles and scares, determines whether they should attend. I screamed, laughed and screamed some more. Also, watching people exit the haunt is hysterical so you might want to hang a bit and watch.
« Reply #2 on: October 31, 2013, 09:36:12 AM »

Submitted by: packbacker
Visit date: 10/30/13

Scare factor: 5/5
I watched every member of our group jump at various points in time.  There were shrieks, screams, startles, and yes I do believe there was some involuntary urination.  The trail was intense.  Most scares were actor driven but there was some great prop usage as well.  Grandma's house (see below) was a solo actor delivering just a brutally awesome series of scares.  There is a great scare near a strobe and a fantastic costume scare late in the trail that even I didn't see coming.  The clowns using just a horn got 4/5 of the group as well.  It worked on every single level for our group.  I'm sure that some of the screams could be heard all the way out in the parking lot.  I cannot describe how entertaining it was to be in the back of the group and watch four adults be absolutely terrified.  I doubled over in laughter more times than I can count and left with the biggest smile on my face.  Awesome.

Actors: 4.5/5
Let me first say that the guy in "grandma's house" is the most frenetic, amazing actor I've encountered this season.  This young man is *amazing*.  He was crawling on the ground, jumped over a railing, popped at least six times in one set, at the end was hanging over a fence, and just for kicks terrorized people in the parking lot.  He can gets scares from almost anyone.  Bravo.  The actors here have improved in both numbers and skill.  It was like night and day from our visit last year.  There were very few empty parts and actors rarely settled for just the pop scare.  The speaking actors (Aunt Lucy and the voodoo intro guy) were exceptionally solid.   

Props/sets/Fx: 4/5
Xtreme Fear does a good job of integrating their natural environment (dark, isolated woods) with some
excellent, gory sets.  Costumes here are very solid.  Things look gory and grungy....and these are good things!  The 3d/clown area looks great and I love the simple blacklight in the vortex.  The large costume scare towards the end of the trail was an awesome touch and the entire group had fun on the swinging bridge outside the pirate ship. 

Length: 5/5
I didn't think the trail was going to end despite being very familiar with it from years past!  It's a lengthy jaunt through some incredibly dark woods. 

Value: 5/5
Tickets are $20 with $5 coupons readily available.  It's worth $20 easily but for $15 it's a steal!

Free parking! There are concessions and t-shirts on sale as well as a last ride simulator. 

Overall: 5/5
I had a fantastic time at Xtreme Fear this year.  Last year I had a disappointing visit but they turned every short-fall on its ear and delivered one helluva amazing time!  I watched a grown man shriek, myself clap with glee more times than I can count, and another trailmate push someone out of the way and run screaming into the parking lot.  Scares are solid, the actors are much improved, and the trail is chock full of both things to look at...and things that will be looking at you.  We have had a bad run recently visiting some trails and Xtreme Fear kicked us all in the throat and reminded us what a trail running on all cylinders is like.  My apologies to anyone in Greensboro if our screams woke you up or scared your children....but believe me they were well earned!
« Reply #3 on: October 31, 2013, 02:58:18 PM »

Submitted by: screaming_diana
Date Attended: 10/30/2013
Scare Factor:  5/5
It’s scary alright!  They had me screaming before I even entered the haunt all the way through the terrifying ending.  There was always something scary coming at me, falling from the sky, creeping up behind me, and even running straight toward me.  You will get more, much more, than just great pop scares here.  I stopped a couple times with my eyes closed, ears covered, head down, just scared frozen.  I’d probably still be there, scared to death, if someone in my group hadn’t forced me to move along.  I was terrified!
Actors:  5/5
This is a very actor driven haunt.  The actor numbers are perfect and they all seem to have a hunger for terrifying people.  Actors would jump out with their initial pop scare but beware it’s not over….they will follow you, terrorize you, and do all they can to make you scream.  They target every section of the group.  No one is left out.  The actors with speaking parts aced their lines.  The young lady at the house entrance did a great job with the haunt intro and never broke character.  Her accent was awesome.  The first actor in the house does a wonderful job luring you in and setting the mood for the rest of the haunt.  The crazy contorted character in mama’s house was simply amazing.  I know he showed up 5-6 times in that house (scaring me every time of course).  I want to give special mention to Freddy, elevator monster, grim reaper, moss creature, crawling graveyard girl, Lucy, and to all the clowns, you made me pee my pants.  I know I forgot to mention many of the characters but they were all excellent.  The actors keep this haunt alive!
Set Design/Props/FX:  5/5
I missed a lot, thanks to the actors who had me so terrified I was afraid to look up, but what I did see looked great.  Loved the ship/bridge scene, black lighted vortex, 3D clown area, graveyard with the creepy crawly girl, elevator, and the skeleton entryway.  The animatronic electrocution guy was great with a nice added scare.  I walked through the oldest and rustiest looking haunted school bus I have ever seen.  There is one very large costumed creature in the woods that made almost everyone in my group jump and scream.  It is very difficult to figure out what is real and what is not.  Monsters lunging at you while confined by chains or cages can be very frightening but realizing these monsters have escaped is downright terrifying.    One very interesting part of this haunt is that it has a theme.  You are given a coin in the very beginning and you are told to ONLY give this coin to Lucy at the elevator of life.  The other monsters along the way will do their best to convince you, beg you, and bribe you to give them the coin.  It’s a great way to tie the haunt together.
Length:  5/5
It’s a longer haunt.  I wasn’t sure I’d ever survive till the end.  It’s long but you will be entertained every second of the way.
Value:  5/5
Worth every cent and more.  $20 with $5 off coupons available.  For $5 more you can be buried alive while your friends stand by and watch.
I loved this haunt and will not miss it next year.  The ticket staff was very friendly, free parking, and they have t-shirts and other goodies for purchase.
Overall Impression:  5/5
Love, love, love, loved x-treme fear this year.  I don’t know how many clowns and chainsaws were in that last room and I didn’t stick around to find out.  I bolted off to safety in the parking lot.  It ends with a bang for sure.  I know this Halloween season is almost over so if you can’t check them out this weekend you gotta get to Xtreme Fear next year.  You don’t want to miss this place. 
« Reply #4 on: November 02, 2013, 07:09:04 AM »

Visited: 10/30/13
Submitted by: jonesm

Scare Factor: 4.5/5
I haven't been to this trail for a few years, and I was thrilled to see how much they had improved since my last visit!  It wasn't bad before, but it didn't really stand out in my memory either, but not so this year! There were more scares and they were more intense.  One misdirection in particular got me good!  I pride myself on checking next to doors I walk out of on spook trails, but they did such a good job of pulling my focus to the right as we left the house that I totally missed the guy with the jigsaw behind the door.  Totally jumped and yelped at that one! All in all this was one of the three or four best of the season in terms of scares. A really, really good job this year!

Actors: 5/5
This was one of the very best troups of monsters I've found all year! They were especially good with their ground game.  There was an exceptional crawling bride in the graveyard, and just in general a lot of action around the ankles to keep you on your toes, but the one to rule them all was the guy in "Grandma's house."  I don't know another name to
call him by.  They tried to tell me his real name, but I stopped them cause, you know, it just seems wrong.  But whatever you call him, he was the single best actor of the season.  He got my group at least a half a dozen times in one set where he was the only monster!  Can't say enough about that guy!  But really, it was all of them.  They followed through on
their scares, and if they could get us a few times, they were more than ready to do so.  Plus, without totally breaking character, many of them thanked us after we were through, and watched or scared us until we drove away.  The friendly management helped, but the whole thing felt like a real labor of love and to a monster they seemed happy to have us and
appreciative of our coming to see them.  It was a really nice place...once you stopped screaming!

Sets/Props/FX: 4/5
As I said, Xtreme Fear has really come up in the last couple of years. Before it was a good trail but spare in places and seemingly unfinished in others.  Now it feels much more complete, and I really loved the built-in feel a lot of transitions had (going into the school bus from the ship area being a great example).  The teetery bridge in the water was a
highlight, as was that bus, and I've always loved the first room you go into for the introduction.

Length: 4.5/5
Really good and long, and very nice variation between inside sets, outside in the woods, plus the water feature.  You definitely spend some time on this one.

Value: 5/5
Top notch!  I really love that you have all the stuff you could need (concessions, a "buried alive" attraction, a gift shop) without all the extra goop you find at other trails like silly Dj's or cheap toys with jacked up prices.  The price is reasonable, the trail is good and long, the parking is close and free (ahem!) and you get in and out with very little fuss.  Great value here!

Overall: 4.5/5
Xtreme Fear has taken the step from an above average trail to one of the best of the season!  Good scares, fantastic actors, a nice through-line story with the coin for the operator of the Elevator of Life, great length, they really have it all at this point.  If you're in the Greensboro area and don't want to waste your night with the kids at Spookywoods or standing in one of the dozens of needless lines at Woods of Terror, you really ought to look into Xtreme Fear.  It's what you actually want to be doing, after all...
« Reply #5 on: November 02, 2013, 07:09:43 AM »

Submitted by: Bethyboo
Date Attended: 10-26-13

Scare Factor: 4.5/5- X-treme fear is very scary.  This attraction goes way back in the woods and it gets really dark back there.  You never know where the actors are hiding or from which direction they will come after you.  I was so nervous I jumped at several trees I thought moved

Actors:  4/5- The actors are very good at their jobs of scaring.  When I was walking through the dark woods, I was caught off guard by several monsters lurking in my path.  I told my group, “there is no way I could walk these woods alone”.  I would like to see some actors in the queue line or some scary music.  This would really amp up the nerves prior to entering the haunted attraction.

 Set Design: 5/5- The set design is very good.  I noticed several changes from last year and liked the new areas.  The natural setting of the woods is really creepy and I know I could not walk through there alone.  No way!

Length: 5/5- It takes about 45 minutes to go through this attraction and I never caught up to another group.  They really do well at spacing everyone out.  I felt like we were alone in the woods with all the monsters

Value: 5/5- The price of X-treme fear is $20.00.  This is a great value for a haunt that delivers so many scares!  They also do not charge for parking, which is a plus in my book.   I put this attraction on my must see list every year.

Other:   X-treme Fear is offering X-treme Blackout on November 1st and 2nd.  You must go through with only a small flashlight.  Tickets are only $25.00 for all those brave people who want an X-treme thrill!

 Overall Impression: 4.75/5- I love X-treme fear.   I always hear many screams when I am walking through their woods.  They deliver an “old school” haunt atmosphere. If you want to be scared, be sure to visit them this Halloween season.
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