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Author Topic: Freedom Park Haunted Trail- Eden, NC  (Read 568 times)
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Freedom Park Haunted Trail
Visit Date: 10/19/13

Scare factor: 1.5/5
Freedom Park is a family oriented volunteer, non-profit trail.  There's a mixture of pop scares and set scenes.  Groups were ten deep which just aren't effective.  The actors are all amateurs (to be expected with this set-up) and the timing is way off if you are at the back of the group.  There is little to no pursuit until you reach the semi-maze section.  There are a few good uses of props in the "haunted house".  Set scenes deliver dialogue but really no scares or even attempts to scare at all.  The Deliverance house and witch house were just sort of head-scratching rest stops.  There are a lot of bare sections without props or actors.  It would be more effective to condense the length of the trail and tighten up the scares.

Actors: 1/5
Lots of children.  Lots.  Poor timing, literally yelling "boo!", front-centric scares, and no follow through.  The maze area is the strongest yet most confusing actor wise.  There's a lot of harassment but it's just odd.  One guy with no mask or makeup on kept yelling at me "Fear the Pepsi!" while brandishing his drink.  Apparently the same actor asked my friend if he could "beat you with a tube sock full of wood screws".  Odd. There were also some inappropriate gay jokes in the same section.   

Props/Sets/Fx: 2/5
A few cool things here and there.  Some moving set pieces, a neat mask or two, and a drop-window.  Otherwise it's pretty spartan and there are wayyyyyyyyyy too many actors in nothing but street clothes.  

Length: 3/5
It's a longer trail than I'd expect for $7 but longer than it needs to be with the dead spots and low scares.

Value: 3.5/5
For $7 expectations are low.  It's a long trail for the price with multiple sections.  Scares are low and actors are more funny than scary.  It's not a trail you should travel more than 15 minutes to get to but if you're local it's a fun quick (sometimes) diversion for a good reason.

Free parking!  Sodas, chips, candy, glowsticks, and t-shirts for sale.  

Overall: 1.5/5
The trail left a bad taste in my mouth due to some line issues.  We waited close to an hour from the announced opening time until groups started going through.  Things happen but no explanation was given.  You then go through a low scare trail in a group of 10 that is forced at one point to split into groups of five.  Awkward when they had to stick one lady in our group of four.  With a little work they could tighten things up a deliver a shorter, scarier trail.  That being said they're accomplishing their goal- to raise money for the Eden parks system and to have fun.  Fear the Pepsi.

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