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Author Topic: X-Treme Fear - Brown's Summit NC  (Read 947 times)
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« on: October 17, 2013, 11:18:05 AM »

X-Treme Fear in Brown's Summit NC
Attended 10/12/13

Scare Factor: 2.5/5 - X-Treme Fear is technically in Brown's Summit, (although most people would say it's in Greensboro) in an area that has grown over the years.  The attraction is near a couple major roads and it's fairly easy to navigate your way there.  When you pull in, there is a large parking area and then a few small buildings.  Where is the haunt?  Is it hiding?  Wait, I hear a scream off in the distance.  Then you realize that the haunt goes off into the darkness and somewhere in the woods.  It's dimly lit and unsettling.

Actors: 3/5 - While you wait to enter the first room, you are met by "Charlotte" who tells you the basic rules and then goes off into her own little world. (I assume they know her there).  When you are finally led into the opening room of the house, you meet the Voodoo character who outlines the story of the haunt and gives you a coin. (Warning: Do NOT lose the coin).  As we moved down the trail, we encountered some amazing actors, especially the scrambler girl in the cemetery.  Most of them were themed well to their area of the haunt.  There are a couple of trademarked characters, although one had a new twist that I actually enjoyed.  I only saw a couple of missed cues and one or two actors that just stood there waiting for me to get scared.  Fortunately, they were few and far between.  The Clowns were terrifying and to add insult the injury, were given chainsaws at the end.  Again, do NOT lose the coin until it is time to give it to the appropriate character.

Sets/Props/FX: 3/5 - The structures are finely detailed and the rest is a trail.  No complaints about either one as you move between them with frequency.  The Facade at the beginning is very well done and the first room has some great effects that make you rather nervous.  There is less detail along some sections of the trail, relying on the natural darkness and the possibility of scares from any direction to keep the tension level high.  The 3-D rooms were well done and I was impressed.  

Length: 3/5 - No complaints here as it takes almost 4o minutes once you enter the house to when you exit.  There are lengthy gaps between groups due to the story being told in the first room.  A few more actors manning the queue would make this much more tolerable.

Value: 3.5/5 - For $20, again no complaints as you get a lot of creep for the buck.  

Overall: 3/5 - Free parking, good food, nice looking merch, and a really well-done haunt make X-treme Fear a fun evening.  There are several more-famous haunts within 30 minutes of X-treme Fear, (including one only 5 minutes away) but they can certainly hang with the big boys as far as scare factor.  Perhaps a little extra bit of marketing can get more people to this place as it certainly deserves more attention than it seems too get.If you're visiting the big haunts in the Triad, make sure to take the time and get to X-treme Fear.   You will not be disappointed.

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Attended 10/19/13

Scare Factor: 3.5/5 - X-Treme fear is one of the scarier haunts in the area in my opinion.  I'm not the easiest person to startle, but every time I go here they always make me jump several times.  Part of that may be because we always seem to go when there are not many people in line waiting to enter, like last night.  It was just my brother, myself and a couple.  Which adds to the effect instead of going in with a huge group. 

Actors: 4/5 -  The actors flat out are great.  Every year I go they are always the best, from the characters that tell stories to the one just scaring you.  The people here are on a different level, not many if any haunts can match the intensity and professionalism of these actors. 

Sets/Props/FX: 3.5/5 -  The sets are very detailed and set a creepy mood from the beginning.  In combination with the woods, they compliment each other perfectly.  I love the fact that you feel like you are out on your own navigating the woods without guidance.  Which if fun and scary at the same time.  Without giving too much away, they do a great job using deception with their sets and props to throw you off guard and lose your focus.   

Length: 4/5 -  The haunt took around 40 minutes to get through, which is a excellent length.     

Value: 5/5 - I found a great deal on get my perks.  $10/person, normally $20.  I would still give this a high score even if I had payed $20.  You won't find a better deal, plus they don't charge for parking.  Other haunts should take notes, you're running a haunt not an amusement park. 

Overall: 4/5 - Solid.  E-treme fear has become one of my favorite haunts over the past several years.  It is a ton of fun, it is scarier than most of the others and it still has the charm of a small haunt but with a lot of bite.  Great job once again, not many places can compete with them.
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