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Author Topic: Woods of Terror - Greensboro NC  (Read 895 times)
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Woods of Terror in Greensboro
Attended 10/12/13

Scare Factor: 4/5 - Woods of Terror is out in the country.  Way out in the country.  You pull up to a well-lit field and are asked for $5.00 to park.  Not my favorite part of the evening.  The place was literally crawling with people and it took a while to find out where we were supposed to go.  I overheard a staffer tell a customer that they had to go through the General Admission line even if they wanted to get a VIP pass.  Anyway, once you get past the ticket lines, it's like the circus has come to town.  There are photo booths, games, exhibits, and food shacks set up all over the place and a DJ playing tunes while you wait for your turn to go inside.

Actors: 4/5 - Most of the actors are top notch performers who stay in character and will mercilessly taunt you, especially in the midway area.  I watched  an actor wearing bounce shoes torment one poor girl until it looked like she was ready to throw up.  Once you get inside, the actors continue their onslaught on your senses.  The only disappointment was the predictable trademarked characters in the haunted movie theatre area.  The pirates are more entertaining than scary and my companion was slightly offended by one who did little more than to plead for help. 

Sets/Props/FX: 4.5/5 - From the moment you enter the WoT, until you leave it is a non-stop assault on your senses, however, from props, to costumes, to great detail for so many different types of scenes. The attention to detail is one reason WoT is consistently one of the best haunts in the country.  The opening maze is nothing short of mind-numbing with twists and turns even more horrific than most other mazes combined.  When I finally got out, I wasn't 100% sure I wanted to continue, but was prodded on by others.  I'm glad they did so or I would have missed some great sets.  No one expects a full size pirate ship, movie theatre, or mine in the middle of a patch of woods in NC, but there they are and in the gloom of the night, fog, and lights, they are totally believable.  They final black maze was shocking (literally) and a new twist on an old theme.  I would love to do a lights-on tour sometime.

Length: 5/5 - You can easily spend an entire evening here without noticing as it took close to an hour to get though everything.  If we didn't have another place to be, we could have stayed there the rest of the night and not give it a second thought.

Value: 4.75/5 - Even at $25 on weekends, its a deal.  If WoT was in Ohio or Michigan where big haunts are plentiful, this place would be charging $35-40 and still be worth it.

Overall: 4.45/5 - NOT free parking Tongue. There is great food, merch, and atmosphere everywhere. They could open up just the midway for a cheaper price and people would still come and hang out all night.  I haven't been here in 3 years and it is amazing all the new stuff there was.  While I didn't like the shocking maze (and I'm not a huge fan of pitch black mazes, either), all the other scenes and actors more than made up for it.  Break open your piggy banks and scrape together the money to go because WoT is the best haunt I have been to for 2013. 

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