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Hillside Horror
Visit Date: 9/13/13

Scare Factor - 4/5
This is much more of an entertainment factor than a scare factor.  Most scares were set up as simple pop scares- very few set pieces involved, little actor interaction/pursuit, and minimal use of noises for distraction purposes.  That being said, there were very few dead spots on the trail....always something to look at or someone jumping out to say "hello".   The trail consists of a tractor ride, multiple sets (Clown town, slaughter house, sleepy hollow),  some  super disorienting pipe set pieces, and an epic trail through the corn.  Sleepy Hollow is the only section that fell flat- we found zero actors here.  I will say that we went through as a group of 10 which was wayyyyyy too big to be effective.  Actors attempted to re-set but the second half of the group missed a lot of scares. 

Actors - 3/5
The numbers here are good sans the Sleepy Hollow area.  Lots of actors well spaced through the trail.  The stumbling block, however, is that very few are set up for anything more than a pop scare.  There are few speaking roles and very little harassment/interaction.  I found one actor who just stood words, no movement, nothing.  It was creepy but seemed out of place.  There was also a clown sitting on a gurney who simply pointed at people.  I kept waiting for the "money shot" but nope he just pointed.  Odd.  In the first part of the trail there are some kid actors which always creep me out.

Set Design/Props/FX -3/5
This haunt isn't high tech but isn't billed as such.  Their greatest set, for me, was a trail through corn that seemed to be 10 feet high.  Claustrophobic, dark, and all natural.  The best set piece I found were two large metal pipes with mattress type flooring.  It was pitch dark, your footing was awkward and screams and laughter echoed with the slightest peep.  So much fun!  The other sets left a bit to be desired but were overall effective.  Im not sure if the fog we saw was from machines or natural but it was eerily beautiful to see a haze hanging over the corn before we entered.  I wish there were some more props that weren't simply visual- some audio cues or such.  The clown area looked good but needs some ventilation- the fumes from the chainsaw(s) were overpowering!

Length - 5/5
I didn't time it but I'd guess the trail took us 30 minutes or so to complete.  The tractor ride is mainly a conveyance device rather than an attraction and the main queue line was slow moving.  Be warned that the trail does have a bit of a physical component to it with a fairly steep decline and moderate incline coming out of the corn.

Value - 5/5
Tickets are normally $10.  They were $8 this evening or buy one get one free with a limited coupon.  $4- you hands down cannot beat that anywhere in the state.  Even for $10, though, Hillside Horror gives you a long trail that is plenty of fun. 

Other   -
Free parking.  The queue moved exceptionally slowly so be sure to account for this if you're going to be attending multiple haunts.  Concessions/souveniers available as well as the chance (for an additional fee) to ride in a casket inside a hearse.

Overall Impression - 4/5
 A long trail for a great price.  In the end it's more fun than scary with a great corn trail and a few nice set pieces.  Everyone is having a good time and you get a decent workout descending and ascending the foothill country.  It's worth it just for the pipes and the corn!  I'm pretty sure this is a younger haunt- they seem to be drawing good crowds and having a fun time doing so.  It's definitely a bargain in the face of $20+ haunts that have become the norm across the state.

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