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Author Topic: Ghostly Manor/Lake Erie Fearfest - Sandusky OH  (Read 569 times)
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Ghostly Manor Thrill Center - Sandusky, OH
Date Visited 9/28

Scare Factor: 2.75/5 -
Ghostly Manor is a year-round haunt in Sandusky that also has a skating rink, mini-golf, and party facilities so the outside facades are not too intimidating in order to keep it a 'kid friendly' venue.  However, there is a VERY cool dragon outside that spews out smoke on command.  The past couple of years they have added the "Lake Erie FearFest" during the haunt season and this is a really nice addition to the Manor.  You aren't able to see much of it from the parking lot but there is a lot of hinting as to what's inside and whats even cooler is that you get a free 'teaser' before you have to buy tickets.  You have to enter the 'scary line' through an enormous skull facade and walk along a dark path patrolled by a few actors before emerging behind the building into the courtyard where you can buy your tickets.  Everything is spread out nicely and easy to follow.  GM is divided into 5 different haunts that you can access from 2 large courtyards, Darkmare, Caged, Quarantine, Eerie Chateau, and the original Ghostly Manor.

Actors: 4/5 -
There are some year-round actors that are dispersed throughout the haunt and seasonal actors fill the gaps.  You can definitely tell who has more experience in the various haunts by the level of interaction with the customers.  The level of scares run from basic 'pops' to stand-alone queue line actors with heavy crowd interaction.  Not too many people jumping out and yelling "Get out" or simply screaming at you.

Set Design/Props: 4.5/5 -
The year-round haunt constantly adds things to it's haunt and they use a lot of great stuff to keep the scares flowing.  There are some first-class animatronics and props in some of the rooms, but a lot of their haunt is simple and dark.  Darkmare is an almost completely pitch black area and there are some long stretches of dark passageways in others. If you like bodybags, you will LOVE parts of Ghostly Manor as there is a loooong corridor filled with literally hundreds of them.

Length: 4.5/5 -
It took me over an hour to go through everything so absolutely no complaints.

Value: 4/5 -
To just go through Ghostly Manor is  only $15.  To go through the other four, add $10 and for $35 you can get a LEFF pass that allows you to go through all 5 haunts plus 3D Blacklight Indoor mini-golf, 4D Motion Theater, Featuring: “The Haunted Mine Ride”, and roller skating admission with choice rental. (a $47 value)  they also sell concessions and general merch (shirts, hats, etc)

Overall: 3.95/5 -
Most people go to Sandusky, OH to visit Cedar Point Amusement Park during the summer and Howl-O-Weekends during haunt season.  Ghostly Manor capitalizes on this by providing a cheaper (and scarier) haunted attraction than the corporate theme park just up the road.  Parking is free and easy to get in and out.  The actors are fun to watch, the free "teaser" you get before even having to pay for anything is a nice touch.  If you ever find yourself in the area, I highly recommend you check out Ghostly Manor and I guarantee you'll have a good time.

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