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Author Topic: Aberdeen Fear Factory- Aberdeen, NC  (Read 564 times)
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Abderdeen Fear Factory
Date visited: 10/2/14

Scare Factor: 3.5/5
Two words: hearse ride.  Scary in a good way?  Well you have to be the judge.  All my trail-mates jumped or squealed at some point.  Scares did dip, though, as we went through several empty areas.  My favorite scare from last year was empty suited.  Sigh.  Lots of chainsaws, some freakish skittering actors, and appropriate props.  But in the end.........hearse ride.

Actors: 2.5/5
We found several sets without actors.  My favorite prop was human-less and sadly sitting in a corner.  Actor talent ran the gamut from bored to merciless.  There was some great stalking and one actor literally followed our group through the entire trail.  The zombies towards the end and the "ring girl" get special props.  Timing was, in general, geared towards the front of the group.  Bottom line is that they need more actors and if that's too hard to do on a "school night" then I'd recommend switching to weekends only. 

Props/Sets/Fx: 4/5
Aberdeen has some very solid sets.  Swamps, clown sets, medical, a dragon, hellevator, alligators, and a truly blinding "fog room".  Makeup was generally solid with a few cheaper looking set ups here and there.   

Length: 4/5
It's completely indoors and you double back a time or three.  It's a solid half hour exploration if not more. 

Value: 2/5
Aberdeen is to my knowledge at the very top of the price scale in NC at $25 per person.  While it's a fun and semi-long haunt I honestly don't think it's worth that asking price.  The night we attended it was obvious they weren't at full force and $15 would be reasonable.  This might be a $20 trail when fully staffed and firing on all cylinders. 

Free parking!  Concessions were available including alcohol.  Cash only with ATM on site.

Overall: 3.5/5
I had fun as did everyone I went with.  It looks great with some unique sets.  The problem, though, is a premium ticket price without a fully staffed attraction.  A very mixed bag........but that hearse ride......

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