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Author Topic: Nightmare on Scales Street- Reidsville, NC  (Read 608 times)
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Nightmare on Scales Street
Date visited:  10/3/14
Scare Factor: 4/5
You never know where the scare is going to come from at NOSS.  Actors, props, in front,  sides, or above you have to keep your head on a swivel.  They utilize a lot of air props such that things brush against you in the darkness.  The swamp room scare(s) were fantastic and a power tool above my head had me do a double take.  There is great timing with the actors who make sure not to prematurely give away their reveal too early.  NOSS also makes sure to encroach on your personal space with multiple airbags and narrow passageways.....that are often dark and/or inhabited.   
Actors: 3.5/5
The numbers of actors is adequate.  While no one breaks character, there is
little interaction / menacing from the actors.  This may be due to them being
indoors or in set scenes but we would often encounter the pop scare and then
just staring at us.  It should be noted, however, that their timing was
excellent- often holding a scare/pop to the end of the group. 
Sets/Props/Fx: 4.5/5
Nightmare on Scales Street always looks great.  They have a vortex (inside a
house!), a creepy clown room, air bag effects, a mouth dropping "swamp room",
the "ax door", terrific bloody body effects, and top notch masks/makeup.  You
don't find cheap Halloween masks here- these are professional grade across the
board.  I routinely marvel at their gore effects as well as the detailed scenes. 
The doll room and shaking hallway are beautiful in a twisted sense. 
Length: 4/5
Nightmare on Scales Street always leaves you wanting more.  The haunt is
entirely indoors and they utilize every bit of space they have.  They literally
can't fit more inside the space but I always finish up craving more.  That's not
to say that the trip is a short one but rather my appetite is not sated when I
Value: 3.5/5
This is a hard one to assess.  The night we went it was $10 for facebook friends.....that's a crazy good deal.  It's $15 with canned food which is a good deal and $20 otherwise.  If you've never been $20 is a decent value- repeat customers there's a fair amount of the same so your mileage may vary in terms of value appreciation.
Other:  Free parking!
Overall: 4/5
We missed NOSS for the first time in 5 years last year due to unforeseen
circumstances.  Our group had remarked, though, about the lack of changes from
year to year.  We loved them dearly but it was getting repetitive.  A year off
did us a lot of good.  There were significant changes and everything felt fresh. 
The lobby is always a delight and it just gets better as you proceed through the
house.  Masks, makeup, and effects are top notch.  NOSS does a great job of
making you uncomfortable- from crawling to claustrophobic spaces to some very
bloody effects all the bases are covered.  The swamp room was stunning and they
feature my favorite prop in NC- the "ax door".  The actors were noticeably
better this year with solid timing.  I was very glad we were able to re-visit
"old friends" and encourage y'all to check them out!

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