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News: Visit a haunt in Virginia this season!
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Author Topic: Horror Fields - Sawmills NC  (Read 872 times)
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Date visited - 10/4

Scare Factor: 3.75/5 - Horror fields is in rural Sawmills in a semi industrial area that looks rather ominous at night.  the unique thing about the haunt is that they have a long row of semi trailers parked along the road and the haunt is waiting behind.  It's as if they don't want you to see or hear whats going on while waiting in line (or maybe it's to keep certain things in?)  They blast loud industrial and metal music outside and you don't get a glimpse of whats to come until you round one trailer and follow the one lit cable into the depths of the cornfield.  Their hearse was parked outside as if it were waiting to take someone away.  This particular night they had members of a local paranormal team attending.  They also have a hearse show every year with the Carolina Coffin Cruisers.

Actors: 4/5 - Many of the Horror Fields staff has been there since the beginning and they do know how to work together and play off each other.  My companions were either screaming or laughing the entire time they were in the haunt due to the actors finding out who is the big chicken of the group and exploiting it.  There was one poor girl that was tortured mercilessly by many of the actors in succeeding rooms.  The junkyard attendant was one of the most disturbing people I've ever seen working in a haunt.  There were a couple of slow areas that were caused more from slow groups in front than by actors.  Leaving the main haunt we started to breath a sigh of relief only to be set upon by the most unexpected creatures in the cornfield.  It was perfect watching my companions scream at them.

Set Design/Props: 3.5/5 - Horror fields changes up their entire theme and set each year and while I loved last year's theme.  It was even more impressive this year.  I do give them props for using simple designs and creating new and innovative ways to scare.  The main scare in the junkyard was unexpected and VERY cool (ironically).  I loved how they incorporate their cornfield  as an entrance and exit and the height of the corn, plus the moonlit night made for a spooky mood being set even before we entered the main haunt.

Length: 3.75/5 - We were in the haunt for about 45 minutes but that may have been more due to the slow group were ran up on about 1/4 of the way though.  It took a while to get though the dark areas of the haunt and actors had to remind the other group that they couldn't use lights to get out.  No complaints here.

Value: 4/5 - Adults: $15, kids (8 and under): $8. you get a lot for that price.  They also offer Undead Paintball for $15.  You can get a combo pass for $25.  No complaints about that either.

Overall: 3.8/5 - For a fun haunt, Undead Paintball, tasty and inexpensive concessions, free parking, special events like the hearse show, and skittish companions, I had a GREAT time making an evening at Horror Fields.  You can easily spend 2-3 hours having a spooky time.  I have been there 3 of their 4 years and they are truly improving with each passing year.  I recommend this as a great starting point before visiting other local haunts like Hallowed Grounds Mill, Camp Fear, or Terror by the Creek.
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Sounds like it's pretty good this year then!

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