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News: Visit a haunt in Virginia this season!
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Author Topic: Reaper's Realm- China Grove, NC  (Read 4626 times)
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Reaper's Realm
Date visited: 10/24/14
Scare Factor: 5/5
We had a girl in our group in tears for the majority of the trail.  We had screamers, runners, and pee-ers as well.  As I explain later in the review I had low expectations but wow did they blow those out of the water.  From the first step out of the lobby my spook trail fan boy senses tingled.  The house had clever rooms with unique scares blending actors and props in a near seamless manner.  Actors can touch you so the scare factor bolts up when you have a corpse suddenly grab your arm or a monster running their fingers through your hair.  Some rooms are straight walk-throughs while others will hold you until they're ready to let you go.  If you show fear they will corner you to give you the business.  The wooded outdoor section doesn't let up, either.  One prop scare in particular is fantastic in its execution and had me literally clapping in joy while others were screaming themselves senseless.  Chainsaws about and you never know what's going to pop out of where.  Good times!
Actors: 4/5
Neither the house nor the trail lack in numbers.  Actors are well spaced with decent timing to aim for the middle of the group in most cases.  A few areas had some screamers who didn't sell the scare fully but the actors with speaking roles did a great job- the clowns in particular.  The initial guide in the woods portrays a grizzled mountain man with aplomb and the denizens of the forest don't let up on delivering scares.  We had a few chase our group well after their set was in our rearview mirror.  Also a special kudos to the skeleton man- the manical glee with which you do your job was palpable. 
Props/Sets/Fx: 5/5
I was expecting a low tech, low scare house and trail.  Whoops.  Several unique sets/props awaited us (don't want to give away too much!).  The
costumes/masks/make-up were top notch.  It far surpasses anything I expected to find at a young trail I hadn't heard much about.  The house itself was built
solely for this attraction.  The prop I was so enthused about in the woods I had encountered before but there was a unique twist to it that made me literally
Length: 5/5
The attraction is packed start to finish with a large number of set pieces and plenty of actors.  I didn't time our experience but I'd guess 30 minutes to
complete both sections. 
Value: 5/5
There are two attractions here.  The combo house/trail walkthrough as well as zombie paintball.  We did not partake in zombie paintball but it appears
to be a static platform rather than the wagon based ride I've encountered elsewhere.  Tickets for the trail are $15 which includes the two story haunted
house as well as a full trail through the woods.  Zero complaints on the bang for your buck!
Free parking!  There was a full concessions wagon offering food and beverages.  Parking seems to be a wherever you want kind of affair and the ticket window can
be hard to find.  Tickets are purchased at the far left lighted window of the house. 
Overall: 5/5
I love experiences like the one I had last night.  I had zero expectations going into this haunt.  We had gone through two sub-par trails and figured we were in
for more of the same.  We pulled in and couldn't figure out where to park or where to buy tickets, saw teenagers milling around the parking lot, and actors
mask-less talking to girls.  Sigh.  Well we're here let's check things out.  The exterior of the house was exposed wood and my hopes continued to dwindle.  Then
we went inside.....
Inside the house we signed a waiver (yeah I didn't read it).  We queued in a living room area and then began the unguided trail as a group of six.  My fears
were quickly put to rest as I found a two story haunted house (6,000 sq feet per the owner) that presented some unique scares/situations and some stellar sets. 
I continually marvelled at how great the masks looked only to have a hidden monster grab me.  The hallway of doors was a fantastic idea, the bathroom
smelled of stale urine, and the clown area was deliciously evil it all its 3D glory.  Timing was excellent to target all aspects of the group and I literally
couldn't wait to see what was around the next corner.  Finishing the house you think you're done.....before being escorted to a wooded trail.
The trail didn't let up at all.  There were chainsaws revving in all directions and a prop/scare that I don't want to give away but left me smiling, clapping,
and kinda covered in dirt.  We still spent quite awhile in the dark woods with people screaming, running, and begging to quit.  We finished grinning like kids
leaving school for summer vacation.  It salvaged our bad evening and was the kind of trail experience I live for- finding an awesome time with zero
expectations or knowledge of what we are getting into.  Reaper's Realm has solidified a place in my annual planning! 

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Dang! Ticks me off I went to Maze of Terror instead of here.......oh well. Live and learn.

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Collinmatt9 we've been to some not so good trails this year as well.  You don't know until you go but Reapers Relm was fantastic and you should go if you have the chance.
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