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Author Topic: Twisted Hollow- Concord, NC  (Read 784 times)
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Twisted Hollow
Date visited:  10/24/14

Scare Factor: 1/5
The scare factor here in terms of actual scares on the trail are low.  The scare factor in the feeling of "I shouldn't be here- these people might kill me and leave me in the woods" was high.  Sketchy is the overall impression.  It kinda felt like the opening to House of 1000 Corpses.  I'm not easy to get unsettled but I will honestly admit that I was more than a bit creeped out by the whole set-up.  The trail itself- mazes, frustration, and a few pop scares.

Actors: 2/5
They tried.  They don't have a lot to work with.  Some stalking.  Numbers were fine for the length of the trail.

Sets/Props/Fx: 2/5
Black plastic.  Lots of it.  Cheap strobe lights.  Lots of them.  OK masks.  Decent use of some Rob Zombie music.  Lots of trash- intentional or not I'm not sure.

The main feature are mazes.  Pitch black, whack your head, double back, crawl on the floor mazes.  They are not fun.  They are not scary.  There are a few other pop scares and sets but you honestly are wanting to be done.  If we faced a third black plastic maze I would have just asked to go home. 

Value: 1/5
Prices seem fluid.  It was $8 per person when I contacted them on facebook and $7 per person when we arrived. 

Free parking!  It's literally in someone's backyard so you may be able to park in their driveway or on the street.  The poorly illuminated strobe-lit sign in the front yard is it.  There was a fire going (kinda) while we waited.

Overall: 1/5

We pulled up in a residential neighborhood and weren't sure we were in the right place.  Deciding we had driven this far we parked and approached a tent in a driveway.  We paid, signed a sketchy waiver, and were told a group was in there so it would be a little bit.  We then were basically ignored for 20-30 minutes standing in the driveway while people fought over snacks, children came close to burning themselves in the fire, and we questioned our sanity and safety.  Eventually Schitzo the Clown emerged and ignored us while staying in character to harass his family (?).  Alrighty.  We were told to hang tight while they set up.  Ten minutes later we were on our way.

The trail is dark and crude.  There are multiple incredibly frustrating mazes which are solely black plastic and 2x4's.  I whacked my head multiple times in dead end tunnels.  You have to crawl to get out of them which with zero illumination is just dumb- not scary or clever.  The actors are trying to have fun but your level of frustration and desire not to hurt yourself overwhelms any fear or excitement you can try to muster. 

I understand what the attraction is- a low dollar backyard trail.  They are having fun but having people pay money, wait 30 minutes for unknown reasons, and then running into walls as the main attraction this is kind of a disaster top to bottom.  My trail-mate wasn't scared by the trail but more by how sketchy everything appeared to be.  She literally ran to the car so we could drive away as quickly as possible. 

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