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Author Topic: Hallowed Grounds Mill - Hildebran, NC "Merry Krampus" event  (Read 3157 times)
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« on: December 16, 2014, 10:05:24 AM »

Date attended: 12/6/14

Note: Read my previous review of Hallowed Grounds Mill from October 2014 here:,1351.0.html

Scare Factor: 2.75/5 - Hallowed Grounds Mill decided to put on a 'Merry Krampus' event in December for one weekend before beginning their renovations for 2015.  I was not aware of any other semi-local Christmas themed events at any other haunts so I had to go and check it out.  The Mill was still decked out in it's Halloween finery but had a large inflatable Santa outside and the hearse was absent.  There was a grimy, evil 'Santa' hanging out in front beckoning for us to come inside. 

Actors: 2.75/5 - There were noticeably fewer actors than with the Halloween haunt but the ones that were there were all decked out as evil elves, clowns, Santas, and a 'Krampus-esque' creature.  While there may have been fewer actors, they more than made up for it in enthusiasm.  There were not huge crowds waiting so the actors took turns stalking our group and we saw multiple actors appearing in several scenes.  I liked how they would disappear for a room or two and then pop back to menace you.  Again the giant pig-butcher was positively horrific, even with a Santa hat.  The Christmas event was guided like at Halloween .  Our group had two children and there were plenty of "Have you been naughty or nice?" questions being directed at them. 

Set Design/Props: 2.5/5 - The props are very similar to the Halloween show, however the lighting was primarily from Christmas lights and it bathed the haunt in warm pinks yellow, and blue lights. (with the exception of the dark areas)  This did not detract from any of the scares or acting.  It did reveal some of the set designs in the rooms that I had not noticed before. 

Length: 3/5 - It took 15-20 minutes to get through, although there was a bit of a wait at the beginning before they took you into the haunt.  I believe it was because they were only running one group through the haunt at a time.  No complaints.

Value: 3/5 - Bring a couple cans of food to help the less-fortunate and you could get in for $10.  Well worth the money.  I saw a large pile of canned and dry goods in the ticketing room so that was awesome.

Overall: 2.8/5 - FREE PARKING!  The only Christmas themed haunt in NC to my knowledge, a genuine fun time and they kept the spirit of Halloween alive for another couple months.  Unfortunately they are closed for the season, but they will be bringing it back and possibly expanding for next year.  I hope more haunts in NC will take advantage of this untapped market and consider opening up after the Halloween season or other holidays.  For a second-year haunt, Hallowed Grounds Mill has a lot of potential and I hope this idea catches on.


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Wish I would have gone, just wasn't able to make it. I hope more area haunts pick up on the post season events!

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