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Author Topic: Zombie Scarefest- Burlington, NC  (Read 412 times)
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Zombie Scarefest
Date visited: 10/14/15

Scare Factor 1/5
Zombie Scarefest has a great setting- a dilapidated old missle factory.  It's an industrial setting that has fallen into disarray which alone can give you goosebumps.  Unfortunately the scares are few and far between.  With the giant buildings comes a ton of open you can see every single scare coming from a mile away.  On top of the open spaces there is way too much ambient lighting.  Everything is wide open and too bright for your imagination to work.  When the zombies do appear there's no sense of urgency as you have an entire open warehouse to escape.  Without some more narrow passageways or areas for pop scares it becomes very ineffective after the third building.  The props look decent but aren't used to scare people at all. 

Actors: 1/5
First of all there aren't enough.  The website touts the 22 acres the trail occupies and I'd say it would be a lofty goal to think twenty people were working tonight.  Limiting your trail to zombies makes it difficult because they stalk you but that's kinda it.  Someone forgot to tell the one zombie who yelled at us to "Get out!"  There weren't any cool zombie walks, very little shuffling steps, and no victims, army folks, etc.  All zombies and all executed exactly the same. 

Sets/Props/Fx: 2/5
The buildings themselves look interesting.  Broken windows, overgrown vegetation, and a entire abandoned complex.  There are some cool props here or there but they feel out of place.  Imagine a decent animatronic but 200 feet of empty cement behind it.  It just doesn't work.  there was  a cool set of kicking legs underneath an overturned car and the intro area is cool with flashing lights, simulated helicopter noises, and such.  It just all falters, though, with too much open space and too much lighting.  The zombie makeup was also pretty lacking. 

Length 1/5
While the haunt spans several gigantic buildings and the walkways in between there's nothing that slows you down so it's over lickety split.  I would be shocked if we spent longer than 15 minutes in the whole thing. 

Value: 1/5
Tickets are $20.  We were done in under fifteen minutes and the scares were minimal at best.  There's a ton of potential and the setting is amazing but as it stands this is probably a $10 value.

Free parking.  There is no sign announcing the attraction so you're kind of left guessing where to go.  There was a large tent with several tables under it at the end of the haunt but we did not stop to see what they were selling. 

Overall: 1/5
Zombie Scarefest peaked my attention when they had emergency vehicles, spotlights, chain link fences, and simulated helicopter noises all outside of the prep area.  You're given a strory about the quarantine area and then are set free to explore at your own pace.  We made it past 3-5 prop areas before our first zombie sighting.  I get what they are trying to do and the place has a ton of potential but it has some major issues.  Not enough actors, too much lighting, too much open spaces, and props that aren't utilized combine to make things just not work at all.  To top things off the ticket price is WAY too high for the return you get.  So much potential for future growth but at the moment not a place I could recommend people checking out.

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