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News: Visit a haunt in South Carolina this season!
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Author Topic: Kreepy Hollow- Bishopville, SC  (Read 1220 times)
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Leaving this here until we get a members review area for 2015.  Kicked off the season last night!!

Kreepy Hollow
Date visited: 9/19/15
Scare Factor: 2/5
Kreepy Hollow has three distinct parts/attractions that make up the haunt.  There is a bus ride, a two story haunted house, and a hayride.  The bus ride is a short trip on a strobe filled schoolbus that has a few actors bang on the side or come in to terrify patrons.  The haunted house is unfortunately the weak link in the scare department.  Two notable prop scares are featured but the actor driven scares here are close to non-existent.  There was a lot of empty space, missed opportunities, and what appeared to be a broken vortex.  Multiple actors literally just stood there while we walked past.  No startle, no customer interaction, just a bored teenager staring at you.  Sigh.  The hayride appears to be the strongest draw at Kreepy Hollow.  The hayride is the final attraction due to it returning you to the parking lot.  The hayride, like most, stops at set scenes therefore reducing pop scares.  If my sleep deprived memory is correct there were 7 stops.  We got hillbillies, a very well executed zombie escape area, Jason and Leatherface, clown/freakshow, a broken-down pirate ship, a wickedly cool looking skeleton/satanic zone, and an evil doctor/asylum region.  Hayride scares rarely work for me because they're gonna jump on and get in your face....there is rarely a startle scare that you don't see coming.  For those that do cringe at the site of anyone in a mask the scare factor bumps up dramatically and they did not hesitate to get up in your face or return to make sure you got your fill.

Actors: 2/5
Kreepy Hollow really seems to ignore their haunted house in the actor department.  First of all there are not nearly enough living bodies in the structure but worse than that is the fact that so many of them literally just stand there.  No yelling, no growling, no stalking, no pop scare....just you looking at them from across the room and then walking past them and out the door.  One room was completely empty.  The queue line actors were decent delivering a few startles and posing for photos, etc.  The hayride actors were again the strongest group by leaps and bounds.  They pursued the scare, delivered some lines, and in a case or two showed off some mild acrobatic skills.  The numbers on the bus and hayride are more than adequate but that house......such a waste! 

Props/Sets/Fx: 3.5/5
It appears that the haunted house was built solely for the purpose of being featured in Kreepy Hollow.  It has a few nice set pieces and this bizarre creepy indoor tree in a rainstorm.  While visually interesting I still haven't figured that out yet.  There is a solid looking graveyard set during the walk from the bus exit to the house queue line.  The hayride sets were well done.  The zombie quarantine area had a cool looking watch-tower with a good audio system.  The best set, for me, was a candlelit sacrificial area that also had a descending catwalk platform so actors could walk above you.  It ended up providing a very creepy if not overly scary vibe.  Another set did have a character descending on a pulley system from the ceiling.  Masks and makeup in general were very solid.  It looked good/believable but the house again could have used some more props and less dead area.  The pirate ship set apparently was busted, I think there was a broken vortex, and audio speakers in several locations sounded "blown out".     

Length: 5/5
There are three attractions that each have their separate queue line.  With lines it took us roughly 1.5 hours to navigate the entire attraction.   

Value: 5/5
Ticket prices are $15 with a fast pass available for $32.  Best I could tell the fast pass only gets you priority seating on the bus ride but not the other two queue lines.  While the bus line was the longest queue without priority access to the other parts of the haunt it's hard to justify that cost on regular attendance evenings.  While not overly scary the attraction's length is worth the $15 asking price.

Free parking!  There is large lighted field to park in but no parking guides to direct traffic.  Concessions were available in two locations but we did not check out the offerings/prices.  Port-a-potties were also available in both staging areas.  Crpwds were large on only the second night of the season but line management was efficient.  Waits can be substantial so just be aware of this if you are trying to make multiple haunts in a single evening.

Overall: 3/5
If you're local this place is worth checking out but until some notable actor issues are sorted out it won't be a destination haunt.  That being said, for $15 it's hard to complain too much.  In my eyes it's not that Kreepy Hollow was "bad" but more there was a lot of wasted potential.  Building a two story house just for your event is a big undertaking and then to basically ignore it is sad.  I would enter a room and wait for the scare trying to determine where it was coming from.....and then find myself in the next room trying to figure out what happened.  I'd come across a creepy actor at the far side of the room and figure out what she was distracting us from.....and then find myself walking past her silent visage trying to figure out what just happened.  The hayride was as well executed as hayrides could be.  There are some novel touches with the catwalk and actor on wires that made me smile but at the end of the day I can't get past the wasted house.  It's a personal bias for me- hayrides rarely if ever have unseen startle scares.  Houses/trails do and that's where the fear of the unknown comes in and causes that twitterpation we all know and love as we meander through the dark looking to be scared.  Overall they have a large operation with moderate prices, some cool visuals, excellent masks, and enough to keep you busy for an entire evening.......I just wish that house wasn't so sparse! 

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