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Author Topic: Legacy Farms Haunt- Wallace, NC  (Read 555 times)
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Legacy Farms Haunt

Date visited: 9/16/16

Disclaimer-   We attended opening night.  Things may change as the season progresses.

Scare factor: 2/5
screaming_diana definitely screamed while we were there but I chalk that up to a long break rather than a high volume of scares at Legacy Farms.  There are no prop based scares- all are actor driven.  It seemed half of the cornfield was empty so after going through the "wooded trail" section you have a long section of down time to regroup if you need to.  In the cornfield the scares are standard hidden actors with some but not a lot of follow-through.  There's a chainsaw or two lurking about and some good creepiness with name reciting but the long stretches of nothingness really bring down the scare score here.

Actors: 3/5
The one queue line actor (a clown with a big mallet) does some quality work here and chased around screaming_diana afterwards as it was a slow night.  The majority of the actors appeared to be young teenagers.  Speaking roles were limited and most of the time they'd settle for a quick reveal and then not sealing the deal with follow-up scaring.  The actors did have a good grasp on name utilization as they'd holler to us and to each other throughout the expansive corn maze.  Their use of timing was good.  The biggest knock here is that there weren't enough actors.  The second half of the corn maze seemed better stocked with bodies while the first half we encountered a single actor followed by a long quiet walk by ourselves.

Set Design/Props/FX:  2.5/5
Big props and set pieces are not what you are going to find at Legacy Farms Haunt.  Their big attraction is an expansive corn field that functions as a maze and haunted trail.  At the beginning of the haunt you do have some set pieces with a  passable graveyard and a strange clown themed disc.  Masks and makeup here run the gamut from none, to cheap mask with a t-shirt, to some decent full ensembles.  One scarecrow costume stands out along with the above mentioned clown.  Otherwise costumes seem random for the cornfield setting.

Length: 2.5/5
The wooded trail part of the attraction is short- less than five minutes most likely.  The bulk of your time is spent in the corn maze.  Maybe we were just good but we only took one wrong turn so I'm not sure how much of a maze it actually is.  Long stretches of the trail seemed to be absent of actors so it became more of a moonlight stroll than a haunted attraction at time but we did manage to keep up a little vocal interaction with some actors.  Our total experience lasted 20-ish minutes but a good chunk of that was us and the corn.  Longer isn't necessarily better if there's nothing to raise your hackles.   

Value: 2/5
Tickets are $17 plus tax.  While the completion of the corn maze can take awhile the bang for your buck is a bit limited with understaffed areas and minimal props/costumes after the initial building and wooded trail.  Maybe they were understaffed due to opening night but it felt over-priced for the experience.  On certain evenings your ticket price allows for "double entrance" so you can go through a second time for free.

Free parking!  Bathrooms are available in an actual dirty port-a-potties here!  Legacy Farms can be very, very difficult to find.  The GPS location does not take you to the haunt but will put you on the road you need to be on.  Keep checking those mailboxes for street numbers and you can find it.  Signage is at the road but not well lit so drive slowly to make sure you don't miss it.  I didn't notice concessions or merchandise for sale.  After purchasing your ticket be sure to get good directions to the actual haunt entrance....we were wandering into lord knows where!  The haunt also offers "PG" ghost stories as a separate attraction.  We did not attend this so no further info available on that end. 

Overall: 2.5/5
Despite a lot of negativity in my review I had fun here.  It feels overpriced and understaffed but I laughed and smiled and enjoyed a full moon in a rural cornfield.  In the scope of things I feel Legacy Farms Haunt serves as a decent local attraction but isn't something you're going to spend a significant amount of time driving to unless nothing else is going on that Friday night.  The website alludes to a new section opening up next year that takes two years to build so the future sounds interesting.  Also, opening night is generally a learning experience for most trails so again take this review in context.   

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