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Author Topic: The Haunted Pyramids- Lawndale, NC  (Read 683 times)
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« on: September 27, 2016, 05:45:14 PM »

The Haunted Pyramids
Date visited:  9/23/16
Disclaimer- We attended opening night.
Scare Factor:  4.5/5
The scare factor this year at The Haunted Pyramids was the highest I've ever encountered in multiple years of attending.  I've always had fun here but the
scares were sometimes hit or miss.  One member of our group this year had some hyperventilation issues, ran behind one set, and had some bladder control
issues.  The actors seemed much more interactive and went the extra mile for the scare.  Several areas were reworked and became much more intense- specifically
the butcher shop area on the HP trail.  There's a solid mix of actor scares, prop scares (Love the fire bursts), mazes, and disorientation.  Clown Town was
the least scary (yet still fun) while all three of the other attractions were pretty darn intense.       
Actors: 4/5
We attended HP on a slower night.  There were a lot of actors milling around between the various attractions.  Low attendance numbers just gave these guys
more time to mess with scared patrons.  There was a palpable intensity with which the actors worked this year.  Zero times was character broken.  Timing was
spot on, most scares were pursued if weakness was shown by the patron, and some special skills were on display with one worker in the asylum turning backflips. 
The Michael Myers character in the HP trail had some of the best timing I've ever encountered and another actor (V for Vendetta mask?) followed up through a
half dozen sets in Monster Manor.  This is the strongest performance by Haunted Pyramid actors I've encountered since I've first started visiting here.  Numbers
were adequate and how on point they were was especially noticeable given that it was opening night.
Props/Sets/Fx:  4/5
The Haunted Pyramids have a variety of fun props with lots of animatronics, multiple fire bursts, and several areas of 3D.  The Asylum features a variety of
medical settings with a great ending involving a chainsaw and inflatables.  Clown town is a visual acid trip.  Monster Manor amps up the 3D feel  and had a wonderful effect simulating water at the Crystal Lake section.   The Haunted Pyramids trail is the longest and most intense of the four attractions.  As mentioned previously the butcher set has been redone in parts and it leads to a tremendous effect in an opaque room. There's several areas of cool lighting, a good bed effect,  as well as live creatures for those scared by things that slither.
Length: 5/5
Four separate attractions.  Plan on 45 minutes to an hour without lines. 

Value:  5/5
Tickets are $15 early in the season up to $22 on prime nights.  There's a $2 off coupon available off their website as well.  For that price you get a ticket
with admission to their four separate attractions.  At full price it's a good value and at $15 it's a can't miss opportunity.
Free parking!  The Haunted Pyramids has a full gift shop selling masks, Halloween items, and other horror related goodies.  There are two concession
areas as well as some picnic tables.  New this year was a child's area which according to the lady at the gift shop was a low / no scare area for the wee
ones.  The people watching here is excellent because with four separate trails you can see people run from the exits or be tormented by actors roaming the
midway area.   
Overall: 4.5/5
The Haunted Pyramids have always been a fun trip for us but this year seemed significantly scarier.  The actors were more intense, there were some new set ups that worked exceptionally well, and all the timing was spot on.  It has the old school feeling with some more modern twists.  It still makes me smile to hear seasonal music pounding the walls while meandering through the pitch black area in Monster Manor or watching some big dude running like a little girl when a clown with a chainsaw appears.  It's early in the season but the scare of the season to date was with their Michael Myers worked perfectly.  You won't be disappointed checking out this haunt!

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Nice, thanks for the review!  I've been wanting to go for several years but just never made it out.  After your positive review I will make it a point to this year. 
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Date attended: 10/21/2016

Scare Factor: 4/5 
It's always a bit creepy to visit the Haunted Pyramids as it's in the middle of nowhere and there's no well lit road to get there.  We followed a car that was obviously trying to get there but they would pause at every road, and then slowly drive on.  When they finally got to the entrance (with flaming pyramid structures) they reluctantly turned in.  We found a parking spot and walked to the entrance area.  (We did notice that the car we followed still had the passengers inside debating whether to get out or not. Wink )  HP is divided into four houses, Haunted Pyramids, Monster Manor, clown Town, and the Burke Asylum.  You can choose to attend 1-4 attractions.  There have been some renovations to a couple of the mazes this season that ups the scare factor and made for some great unexpected surprises.

Actors: 4/5
(Note: Several of their actors attended my actor's workshop in September)
the acting continues to improve each time I come here.  They didn't bring back a few people from years past and added some young, energetic actors and the results speak for themselves.  There was a bit more interaction with some of the monsters, especially in the Burke Asylum and Haunted Pyramids attractions.  I noticed more wandering monsters in the midway area this year posing for pic and scaring customers. If you suffer from ophidiophobia, you should probably avoid that one particular guy.  I felt the strongest acting was in Burke Asylum and Monster Manor was the weakest, yet still better than in year's past.

Set Design/Props/FX: 3/5
No complaints here, other than it's VERY dark in many areas of the Pyramids and Monster Manor.  I have a personal dislike of completely dark mazes as I feel they annoy customers rather than make them more terrified (they do for me). Clowntown is lit up in 3-D and its really cool.  Some of the haunts seem a bit more sparse with there set designs but it works.  There is a VERY large area that will completely disorient you in the Pyramids and it utilizes this concept.  Nice work. As usual, the HP has a generous serving of pyrotechnics and if you don't know it's coming, it will totally blow you away.

Length: 5/5
Four separate haunts that should take more than an hour to get through if there are crowds. We spent about 90 minutes there.

Value: 4/5
From the website: "All 4 Haunted Houses - $22/person - Cash Only"  There is a $2.00 coupon on their website.  Good value for the money.

Other: 4/5
FREE PARKING!  HP has some of the tastiest food in their concession stand as well. (try their chili cheese fries) The owner works in the movie industry and there are plenty of genuine props used in movies he's worked on. (ex:  The Boiler Room sign was actually used in Hellraiser 3). The end of Monster Manor puts you into their gift shop with some movie memorabilia and shirts/caps/costumes./ and other Halloween knick-knacks which are all reasonably priced and decent quality.  This is a destination haunt that you can very easily spend an evening watching people, having a bite, and enjoying all that the Haunted Pyramids have to offer.


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