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Author Topic: Netherworld- Norcross, GA  (Read 1105 times)
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« on: September 28, 2016, 12:01:53 PM »

Date visited:  9/24/16
Scare Factor:   5/5
In general, Netherworld is less scary than a lot of other haunted attractions I attend.  That being said, the entertainment and amazement factor is off the charts.  The scale of the attraction combined with the amazing volume of customers doesn't allow for that special one on one attention you can find on some of NC's outdoor trails.  No one in our group burst into tears, collapsed to the ground, or lost bladder control (as can be witnessed at other events), but all three of us had to pick our jaws up off the floor while admiring the sheer spectacle.  That being said, scares are to be had as it's hard to distinguish actors from props, a number of props will move towards you, and there are aerial attacks to witness as well.   
Actors: 5/5
These guys are good.  I wish there was time for them to interact more with patrons because the few we stumbled across who did so were amazingly fluent in their character's role.  Their sense of timing is impeccable as many hold deathly still until you are upon them only for them to reveal they are not a prop.  As soon as the scare is delivered they revert back to "still mode" without a flinch.  Doing this for hours upon hours every single night in October is an amazing feat.  The queue line actors are solid as well delivering scares to unsuspecting patrons as well as mugging for the camera.   

Props/Sets/Fx:  5/5
In all honesty this should be about 30/5.  Netherworld is drop dead amazing.  Words cannot do this place justice in terms of the way it looks.  If you
attended it five times you probably wouldn't see everything they have going on in there.  The attention to detail is unparalleled.  Netherworld features the
largest and most intricate props I've ever seen and then these props are seamlessly worked into a fully detailed room/space.  Things are vibrating,
screaming, flying, grabbing, pulsing, oozing, and more as you turn your head in slack-jawed wonder.  Laser effects are top notch with an area where it looks
like patrons are sinking into the effect.  They even have the smells down as you get a rotten whiff of rotting carcass in one area.  The mirror maze section is
the best I've ever seen and wholly disorienting.  Actors are hard to distinguish from the props and their costumes/makeup are just as intricate as the sets they
are working.  I wandered from room to room literally yelling "Wow!" or "Look at that!"  As I said you cannot do this place justice in describing the way it
looks.  I could spend hours in just the museum section much less either of the two attractions. 
Length: 5/5
Netherworld has two sections that are themed each year.  The longer attraction this year is titled "Monsters" while the shorter attraction is "Vault 13: Nuclear Meltdown".  Vault 13 took 10-15 minutes to finish not including a misbehaving elevator effect.  Monsters was significantly longer and your time may vary based on how packed the line is behind you.  The volume of patrons doesn't allow time to dilly dally in most places so you're constantly moving but I'd wager that you're still in the attraction for at least thirty minutes.  No complaints for the price and product that you enjoy.
Value:  5/5
Tickets vary in price depending on the day of the week and time of the season.  Regardless tickets are worth the price.  Opening weekend tickets were
$23......seriously you can't beat that price for the amazement that Netherworld provides.  Fast pass tickets are available for $50-ish which could be worth it
based on how I must imagine lines are later in the season. 
Free parking is apparently available in limited quantities.  We ended up paying $10 to park off-site.  There are tons of free photo opportunities outside the
attraction as well as a large number of well decorated actors roaming about to scare folks who aren't in line as well as mug for the camera.  A fully loaded
gift shop offers anything and everything you could want and several food trucks were in the area the night we attended. 
Overall: 5/5
This was my second year going to Netherworld.  While I am a vocal advocate of trails not having a cattle call experience, Netherworld supersedes any of those worries.  You've got people everywhere in a constant flow but rarely do you come to a stop and there is literally so much to look at that you don't miss out on the experience.  Actors cannot generally interact directly with you or continue the scare but they re-set very quickly so that the next people coming down the walkway get the same experience.  The props and sets are continually mind boggling and the sheer scale of it is enough to make you woozy at times.  Netherworld is a visual heaven for haunt and horror fans and if you are within several hours of it you need to make plans to go.

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« Reply #1 on: October 25, 2016, 01:45:30 PM »

Date visited: 10/14/2016*

Scare Factor: 5/5
Netherworld is without question MY favorite haunt in the United States and with good reason.  It is an amazing world of dark fantasy and spooky fun wrapped up in an amazing world of non-stop action.  I normally attend Netherworld late in the season, usually the first Saturday in November. This was the first time I have been here in mid-season and the intensity factors were ramped up by a factor of 500%. It was an amazing sight as the full moon was rising as we pulled into the parking lot only added to the feelings of dread and fear that permeated the haunt.

Actors: 5/5
There is no question that Netherworld relies heavily on animatronics and props for a large part of its scares, however the actors that menace you inside are on point and keep you in suspense until the very last minute.  If you're an actor, you could learn a LOT simply by walking through this place.  There's no major interaction while you're inside but frankly you don't have time for it.  Once you leave one spot, there's another actor to welcome, scare, and release the next group of customers to the ever-increasing terror that lies within.  Many of the actors have been here for years and are a very tight knit group.  I've been fortunate to go backstage and watch them get made up and dressed and the camaraderie they have is really refreshing.,  No drama here, they save that for the customers.  The queue line actors are some of the best I've ever seen.  They range from simple creepers, to sliders, to a dinosaur all chasing, attacking, and posing for pictures with the thousands of fans that come each night.  I've been one of these actors and it's without a doubt one of my favorite places to work.

Set Design/Props/FX: 6/5
I can not believe the sheer volume of detail that goes into making Netherworld a special haunt.  Walking through this year there was absolutely no place to rest and recover form the sensory overload you experience.  There is literally a scare every 3 feet or less. Whether it's an actor, an air cannon, an animatronic, or a giant monster, there must have been hundreds of props, some of them simply there to distract you as the bigger scare got you.  I lost count of all the scares after a couple of minutes.  Want to know the true level of detail in a haunt? Look up.  There's always a ceiling to remind you that it's not real and simply a fantasy.  at Netherworld, there are things up there too.  Maybe 1% of people stare at the ceiling when going through, but they make sure you can't escape any aspect of the experience.  The one thing I dislike about Netherworld is the requisite chainsaw at the end.  It is completely unnecessary and seems almost...primitive for a haunt of this caliber.  Save the saws for trails and smaller haunts that need that last pop as they leave.  you don't need it there.  In the lower haunt (yes they have two) there is a spot where you get buried alive and that can be a bit harrowing.  Nothing too life-threatening, but make sure you don't bypass it.

Length: 5/5
You will spend some time inside Netherworld.  a LOT of time.  They may have thousands in line (you barely notice watching the queue line actors working), but afterwards, it will take you a good 30-40 minutes to go through the upper haunt and at least 15-20 to go through the lower. This is very much a destination haunt where you can spend an entire evening simply watching people get scared in the parking lot and forget that there are other haunts around.  Don't expect to be done in an hour.

Value: 5/5
Prices range from $23 - $55 for a Fastpass. More info here:

Other: 5/5
FREE PARKING (If you know where). Some concessions and a large gift shop make this a good value as well.

Overall: 5.2/5
Again, this is the kind of attraction that any serious fan of haunts needs to visit at least once in there life.  If you're used to going to Farmer Bob's Haunted Hayride, this place will make you question reality.  I don't call Netherworld my favorite haunt without good reason and this place delivers each and every year I come down.  This is there 20th season so make your plans to attend.  They're open every night in October and into teh first weekend of November so you have NO excuse to run down I-85 (visible from the parking lot) and experience the thrill of...Netherworld.

*Catch my interview with Ben Armstrong from Netherworld on the Big Scary Show/News here:


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