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Author Topic: Reaper's Realm- China Grove, NC  (Read 872 times)
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Reaper's Realm
Date visited: 10/21/16
Scare Factor: 5/5
The scares here are unique, well hidden, and utilize great timing.  The hallway of doors is the perfect example for me of this haunt- doors with scares behind
them as you try and find the right way out....and they'll let you out when they feel like it.  The house is the scariest area of the four sections.  Props are
vibrating, actors are hidden everywhere, and everyone from a Christmas tree to a giant baby doll are trying to get you to scream for your life.  Every single
room works and often on a visceral level.  I'll guarantee that you will find scares or situations here you haven't found elsewhere.  The ingenuity in the
house is amazing.  The second section is a haunted barn frequented by Johnny Hog and his brother pork chop.  The scares here are all actor driven.  Johnny Hog,
as my friend pointed out, is like a wrestler taping a promo ad.   He keeps popping up everywhere with one-liners and endless enthusiasm.  Other animals
join the pigs in popping out to get patrons to scream.  The haunted trail has some excellent areas in the bridge and the buried alive section.   Other areas
feel a little flat with the moonshine shack and junkyard areas as relatively fear free areas.  The laser tag section does pop up your adrenaline level as you
hunt zombies with large guns.  It feels real and if you can suspend reality a bit you can feel yourself actually stalking the undead.
Props/Sets/Fx: 5/5
Vibrating props.  Amazing 3D.  Fantastic makeup and masks.  Sets are well detailed sometimes down to the smell (tell me you don't smell old urine / sweat in the locker room area).  There are a lot unique set ups here that I don't want to give away but I feel confident saying that 98% of customers that have attended multiple haunts will find new things here they have not found elsewhere.  Slides, bridges, a special "pit", and more await.  The clown area is drop dead gorgeous in neon / 3D.  On top of the set detail and props one has to then remember that both the barn and the house were built solely for the purpose of this black tarps, sheds, or rented warehouse space this is original from the ground up! 

Actors: 5/5
The actors at Reaper's Realm utilize excellent timing.  The middle of the group is consistently targeted and there are no premature scares.  I don't know the character's name but the "twisty nurse" upstairs is incredibly freaky with her movements and can make the most stalwart patron a little uneasy.  The clowns are all very interactive and solid in their roles with a special nod to the clown in the dress- he's amazingly into his character.  Then there's Grandpa and his gruff performance who takes a maniacal glee in delivering "children."  Then there's Johnny Hog and word.  The actor playing Johnny Hog is like a 1980s wrestler who has chugged a half dozen red-bulls.....he's wired, on, and a hoot.  In fact we've now taken to saying "Johnny Hog's gonna getcha!" at various other trails because the phrase is imbedded in my mind.  The barn actors all know their set well and are able to torment groups in several locations.  The actors on the trail also are solid with a final kudos to the "gravedigger" who shovels dirt like he was born to do so and with an enthusiasm unmatched by anyone around. 

Length: 5/5
How'd they add a whole new building?!?!  The two story haunted house remains.  After you finish that you head to the brand new haunted barn followed by an outdoor walking trail (with freaky bridge!) and you conclude with zombie laser tag if you have the add-on ticket.  You can spend 45 minutes to an hour here without blinking.
Value: 5/5
Tickets range from $15 to $20.  The higher priced ticket includes a zombie laser tag walk-through.  Fifteen dollars is an insane value for the house, barn, and
trail.  The $5 add-on is for a short laser tag experience but I enjoyed it more than paintball or other laser tag experiences I've done in the past. 
Free parking!  Concessions are available on site as well as logo merchandise.  Patrons are called by group number so there is no need to stand in line.  Fire
barrels offer some warmth while you wait.

Overall: 5/5
I love this place.  After finding it two years ago it has cemented a yearly visit from me.  Reaper's Realm just feels different than most haunts.  They have their startle scares but they are more interactive than most places with unique scares you don't see coming.  Big changes are made yearly and the sky is the limit with the passion and innovation this haunt demonstrates.  Scares are plentiful, actors are committed to their demented ways, and the set-ups are amazing.  I'm not sure if I'm going to do an year end "awards show" this year but if so Reaper's Realm is in the running for my #1 haunt of the season!

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