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Author Topic: 13 Stories Haunted House - Newnan, Ga  (Read 489 times)
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13 Stories Haunted House

Date attended 10/15/2016

Scare factor: 4.5/5
13 Stories is a cool haunt located in an old building in Newnan, Ga not far off I-85.  Having never been here before I didn't know what to expect but was amazed to see that it was hidden well and if I didn't have the exact address I easily could have missed it.  You run down the highway, cross over the railroad tracks, and suddenly you see strange lights and hear strange sounds.  13 Stores is divided into 4 haunted houses and a free roam Apocalypse Zombie Kill Experience.  They also have an 'extreme' haunt, Sacrifice, that you must pay extra and sign a waiver to attend. Sacrifice is rated one of the top 10 extreme haunted attractions in the United States and we decided not to take part.  However the other 4 attractions, 13 Stories, Ward B, Zombie Alley, and Clown Haus are quite frightening and intense.  13 Stories Haunted House uses virtual queuing which really cuts down on waiting times. Text their number and they'll tell you when you are entering the attraction.  No lines to wait in.  Nice.

Actors: 4/5
The actors at 13 Stories are nice and scary and there's plenty of them. They hit you at the right times and vanish leaving you to wonder where it could be.  The clowns are terrifying and the mental patients might just convince you to stay for a while.  The zombies were definitely influenced by TWD as they sounded and moved very similar.  Being the the series is filmed nearby, I wouldn't be surprised if any of the actors had been on set.  I was genuinely impressed with their enthusiasm for making you wet your pants.  The monsters wandering the queue lines interacted nicely with the patrons, especially since there are no lines.  I would have liked to have seen the 'extreme' actors working but watching the reactions of those customers leaving Sacrifice, maybe I'm glad I didn't.

Set Design/Props/FX: 2.75/5
The sets at 13 Stories are realistic and fairly detailed.  One thing that you will notice is that ceilings are very high and the rooms are larger than a normal haunt.  There's no risk of claustrophobia in much of the haunt. There are a couple of places where you have to duck low, but otherwise the corridors are wide and the rooms have a lot to see and admire.  the one issue I had was that there was almost TOO much room to pass through the scenes.  I almost had the feel of walking through a large, dimly-lit department store where you can see other departments over there.  A couple times we came upon a large animatronic that looked great, but was not cover up and you could see the mechanics working underneath or behind it.  A little bit of camouflage or even simple coverings of the exposed moving parts would have made their scares more effective.

Length: 3/5
We spent about 45 minutes there including waiting to go in, and walking through the 4 attractions.  Had we gone through the Zombie Apocalypse Kill Area or Sacrifice we would have been there at least 90 minutes.  No complaints.

Value: 4/5
Tickets can range from $17 - $32 depending on dates attending.  No real complaints here.  

FREE PARKING! The queue areas have some entertainment, but most people were standing around in groups waiting for their time to enter.  There were t-shirts and other merchandise as you left the Clown Haus as well as someone trying to get you to enter the Zombie Apocalypse Kill Area or Sacrifice (for an small upcharge).  This are was unusually quiet and seemed a bit...surreal.  If you didn't want to go through the extra areas you simply went through another door and found yourself outside.  a couple of actors roaming this area would have made this a much more entertaining spot.  I did not see any concessions although I believe there were a couple of food booths at the entrance (can't confirm)

Overall: 3.65/5
Not a bad haunt at all and I was impressed.  Most people associate the Atlanta area with Netherworld but there are some great haunts in the outlying towns that you should go visit.  I know that this is the first year for the main set designer. He's only in his early-20's and I can't wait to see what he does with this place over the next few years.  If you find yourself on the west side of Atlanta, make a quick trip out to Douglasville and get over to 13 Stories and you'll have a fun and scary evening.

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