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Author Topic: Booger Jim's Hollow - Blackburg, SC  (Read 654 times)
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Booker Jim's Hollow

Date attended: 10/28/2016

Scare Factor: 3.5/5
Booger Jim's Hollow is tucked away in an area known as Cherokee Falls along the Broad River in Blacksburg, SC.  This place is WAY out there and could genuinely give you the creeps driving along this lonely stretch of rural roads.  We saw deer and nearly ran off the road once due to a VERY sharp curve coming off a hill.  Suddenly there are lights ahead and there it was.  There are dozens of haunts in SC called Spook Houses which are peppered all over the Upstate and Booger Jim's is proud to call itself one.  Spook Houses are small mill houses or similar filled with homemade props and very enthusiastic actors.  I've said it before, I'd rather go through a 700 sq ft Spook House filled with great actors than a 20,000 sq ft haunt filled with nothing but animatronics.  The sound of screams and chainsaws were emanating from the trail above us and actors roamed the roof of the adjoining house.  You go through the trail first and then the house.  My companions and I met our guide and she took us to the head of the trail which was in the middle of a bamboo forest.  This was really cool and made the scares even more creepy since it seemed so out of place.  As an aside, you do have to sign a waiver as there is some light touching and grabbing from the actors and there is a risk of injury.

Actors: 3/5
The actors at Booger Jim's are all enthusiastic, from the kids dressed as zombies running around the line, to the chainsaw guys, to the crazy clowns.  We talked to the ticket taker while waiting to get on the trail and she was super polite and genuinely hoped we had a great time.  No bored or burned-out actors here.  The overwhelming majority of the scares along the trail are pop scares, jumping out from behind plastic walls, or from behind trees.  As mentioned before, a good chunk of the trail was inside a bamboo forest.  The fact that this was unusual, plus allowed actors to hang from them made this much more creepy than normal.  There was at least one actor that leapt from above us and landed between two bamboo trunks at least 5 feet in the air.  That was impressive.  The trail has a good deal of elevation change so actors can come at you from above, below, and all sides.  There was even one that physically slid down the hill to get a scare and it worked.  The actors inside the house were in your face and LOUD.  No subtlety here.  Unfortunately, one of the actors in the house slammed his barrel down on the floor and hit the foot of one of my companions...twice.  Granted, he didn't break character, but she did tell him that he had hit her foot and it hurt.  (She was fine afterwards).  There was not a chainsaw at the end of the house, but the number of chainsaws along the trail more than make up for it.

Set Designs/Props/FX: 2.75/5
There's no fancy animatronics here.  Everything looks homemade or Spirit Halloween quality.  The trail is dark and props aren't needed as much due to intense acting, but some well placed lights could make a difference.  The "Halloween' soundtrack on an endless loop was a bit monotonous for us and I can only imagine the actors getting the tune out of their heads.  The primitive nature of the trail and house was refreshing as it shows you didn't need anything fancy to terrify and menace customers.  I enjoy seeing the creative ways haunts use materials and Booger Jim's has some creative talents when it comes to prop making.  I'll guarantee you'll never see anything  from Scare Factory of Gore-Galore here and that's just fine.

Length: 3/5
The trail takes about 15 minutes and the house about 10 depending on group. No real complaints since the actors interact with you constantly.

Value: 3.5/5
Tickets are $15 for both attractions.  No complaints. 

FREE PARKING! You can park at the church a block away and take a hayride to the top for $1/person but we opted to walk.  No concessions that I noticed.

Overall: 3.2/5
Overall this is a short yet intense haunt that has been around a while but has seemed to fly under the radar for a lot of folks.  They have a cool backstory, a decent trail, and this is the first year they've had the house.  I can see them making a lot of improvements to the house and tweaking the trail and one day Booger Jim's will be a major player in the fast growing SC haunt scene.  You should give this one a shot, especially if going to multiple haunts

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Ahhhhhhhhhh, Booger Jim's.  We visited a few years ago and then again this October.  I've got giant safety concerns about the whole set-up.  The bamboo forest is unique and cool but the path seemed to be poorly leveled (if at all) and I found myself tripping constantly.  The handrail at the top of the hill is questionable at best.  We didn't run into the barrel issue but my friend left with multiple bruises from the chainsaws being slammed into her legs.  When leaving the house, we descended down some concrete steps with no railings.....and three to four chainsaws still hitting our legs.  Screaming_diana about ran off a 3 foot drop (no railings!) as they kept hitting her with the chainsaws despite me and her telling them to stop that it physically hurt. 

They have a lot of passion but need to learn when to say when.  I'm amazed they haven't had any serious injuries there.

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