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Author Topic: Fear Farm - Blackburg, SC  (Read 548 times)
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Fear Farm

Date attended: 10/28/2016

Scare Factor: 4/5
Fear farm is located in the wilds of Upstate SC near Blacksburg.  It is dark, eerie, and foreboding as you journey through the rural countryside to get here.  We saw deer standing along the road  and I'm sure there have been some incidents while getting here.   Suddenly, there are lights up ahead and there it is. It's a large farm-like area with a pair of haunts.  The Fear Farm and the Ringmaster's Circus Academy.  You have to park in a field, walk past some old barns and shed en route to the ticket area, and then look waaay over there to get to the haunts.  We started off at the Ringmaster's Circus Academy which had a short line and a few characters roaming about.  We could hear screams and such coming from inside.  We got inside and were treated to a video recording of the Ringmaster reciting the rules (sorta) and sent us on our way.

Actors: 4.25/5
The actors working the queues at Fear Farm were spot on. They delivered lines spot-on, the pops were on point, and they cam at you again and again, especially if you showed fear.  It was a lot of fun watching some of the clowns at the circus pop out of doors and make customers scream.  Inside the circus maze, various monsters lurked about generally being scary and hiding once the scare was made.  The freak show actors were loud and creepy.  Inside Fear Farm itself, there were LOTS of good interactions with the groups and the screams reverberated throughout the walls of the old building.  Of course there were chainsaws.

Set Design/Props/FX: 4/5
I would hesitate to guess that a lot of the props inside the Fear Farm are probably genuine farm implements and tools. The scenes are detail rich and it takes a second to take much of it in.  The clown maze was cool and simple and when I looked back I was amazed to find that it was actually outdoors. Standing in line for the maze, the building look real and study.  Turns out they are only facades.  You got me there.  But I digress.  The only real complaint I have was the dark mazes (hate them) but fortunately, they were short and didn't detract from the overall experience.

Length: 4/5
Probably 20 minutes for the Ringmaster's Circus Academy and 25 for the Fear Farm.  No complaints.

Value: 4/5
From their website: "General Admission : $18 on site, $15 online RIP Pass (Entry and skip the line at both attractions) : $25 ULTIMATE VIP (Entry and skip the line at both attractions plus a T-shirt and glow stick) : $35 Concessions, games, and gift shop available on site.  NEW FOR 2016: WE NOW ACCEPT VISA AND MASTERCARD ON SITE AT TICKET BOOTH AND GIFT SHOP"

FREE PARKING!  They had a concession shop selling nice t-shirts, hats, etc.  I believe there was a food booth, but I can't remember.

Overall: 4.05/5
I and my companions thoroughly enjoyed Fear Farm and plan to make it a regular stop when we travel through the Upstate.  It's not too far off I-85 but you will have to take some dark roads.  I highly recommend you check out Fear Fair in 2017 and beyond because they have a fun and very spooky haunt.

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