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Author Topic: Hallowed Grounds Mill - Hildebran, NC  (Read 135 times)
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Date Attended 10/21

Scare Factor: 3.75/5
Hallowed Grounds Mil is literally an old mill that has been turned into a haunt for the past few years.  It's very easy to get there as it's only a couple minutes off I-40 and sits right on Hwy 70.   In fact it sits about 20 feet off Hwy 70 and you have to stand in line to enter as cars and trucks whoosh by you.  It's not overtly frightening but I would definitely watch any kids that you may bring and certainly it can get a little uneasy when a big rig zooms by. They went through some major changes from last year, most notably that its NO LONGER  a guided tour.  I much prefer walking through at your own pace and this made for a much better experience.  They put a LOT of time and effort into the haunt this year and it really shows.  About 90% of it was different from last year and it was certainly longer too.  

Actors: 3.5/5
As always, their actors give a good effort and many of them follow you into the next room or two to continue the scare.  The only issue I had was that there were not enough of them.  there were stretches where a single actor could have made an incredible difference but sometimes you have to work with what you have.  I know that they had a death of one of their actors a few weeks ago and perhaps that could have explained why they seemed understaffed.  Despite the lack of actors, the ones that were there were enthusiastic and ready to terrify you.I think if they had about 8-10 more actors this place could be an absolute fearful place to visit.

Sets/Props/FX: 3.75/5
The owners of Hallowed Grounds Mill went to the big trade-shows and conventions this year and bought some really cool stuff that they utilized well in the haunt.  They also had lots of low-tech props and effects that worked really well.  I think they've hit the right balance of homemade and vendor-bought props and all of them were used to full effect.  I especially enjoyed the mazes and new lighting effects.  HGM is offering a christmas haunt this december and I can't wait to see how they use the new lighting.

Length: 3.75/5
the self-guided tour makes it a little slower to go through since you're no longer at the mercy of the guide.  MY companions were jumpy and therefore walked through a bit slower than I normally would have but it made for more studying of the sets and details.  The owner may be expanding by another 12,000sq ft next year.  It probably took us 25-30 minutes to go through. I'm not complaining about that length at all.

Value: 4.25/5
Cost is $18 to go through. Certain nights they have canned food drives which offers a discount to those who donate.  No complaints for what you get. Oh, and there's FREE PARKING!!

Overall: 3.8/5
(Copied from my review on their FB page: ) As someone who's worked with haunts for over 40 years, it's great to see a haunt like this improve every year and watch it evolve. I love that they no longer have a guided tour and allow the groups to get lost inside. The actors have continued to step in their game each year and I hope they continue to do so. The sets were more detailed but there were still gaps where actors would have been more effective than static props. I will be curious to watch them continue to bring their A-game to the table and I look forward to what they plan for next year.

*NOTE*: They will be offering a Christmas haunt for a weekend in early December so go out  and support them.  You never know who's going to show up. Muahahahahahaaaa

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