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Badger, great job! I went to Xtreme Fear last night and had a blast. Review coming soon.
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I volunteered at a new haunt in aberdeen last night call Aberdeen Fear Factory, wont give a review because i worked and only did a walk thru, but its a first year haunt and im sure they'd really appreciate some experienced frightseekers cmin and checkin it out and givin your reviews. Its and indoor walk through in an old furniture factory so come check it out guys, any questions just reply or message me whichever you prefer.

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Horror Fields  was reviewed by

Horror Fields Haunted Attraction
"The field of corn holds many secrets…It was first noticed generations ago. How the darkness seemed darker, the night seemed colder, the terror more real. This area has always been known to have a higher number of disappearances and insanity. The field has grown here for years, though nobody plants the corn. People spin tales of beasts and monsters that inhabit the corn. It is rumored that deep in the field a family lives. No one has seen them for generations. They are rumored to be kidnapping people to keep their dark family alive. Nobody knows who the Horners are now, or how they survive. But they are known for brewing a POWERFUL ‘Shine. Can you avoid the family in the corn? This area has had a large number of people missing. This has been going on for many years. Body parts have been found hidden along the borders of the field. These have had strange symbols carved into the flesh. This has been going on since the 1900’s, with no clue who may behind this. Keep your eyes peeled for this mysterious killer of the corn. Will you be his next victim? There have been a larger number of tales about a huge spirit that inhabits this field. This monstrous creature has been barely glimpsed, and has driven some to the brink of insanity. They say it is resembles a scarecrow with the face of a jack o’ lantern. He has been dubbed the Invisible Walker of the Fields, or Ichabod Nyx. Legend says he used to be the protector of this land…is he still protector, or is he monster? This field is full of mystery and surprise, with acres of horror and terror to be uncovered. It has changed the lives of all who have visited, and some will never be the same. Can you survive the homegrown horror of Horror Fields?"

That is the legend of Horror Fields, NC's newest haunt located in the heart of Sawmills/Granite Falls.  Built into and around a sprawling cornfield, the haunt puts forth an ominous presence from the beginning.  As you enter the haunt you can see the massive cornfield ahead of you with sparkling lights that almost seem to draw you in. 

Throughout the trail and even while standing in line, you can hear numerous screams and moans from both the patrons of the trail and the residents themselves. I thought this both built up suspense and excitement from the crowd, as I overheard numerous comments of "being nervous" and "on edge." I also thought the employees working out front did a good job of building up the experience for all the visitors.

The one thing that will impress you the most in this haunt will most definitely be the caliber of acting presented throughout. This is above and beyond any trail, house, mansion, haunt, etc. that I have been through. Every actor and actress in this haunt puts forth everything they have and it shows. They live this and are extremely convincing.  They're both fun and creepy and remind me a lot of the late great campy 70s/early 80s backwoods horror flicks. They literally make it a blast with every scene personalized for the group.

The special effects and scenes were also something I could not pass up mentioning. You could tell the extreme amount of work put into this trail. There are tons of lights, fog machines, noise makers, props, gore, fire, sparks, blades, etc.  I was just amazed walking around in this massive corn field taking in everything around me.

Where most haunts rely on one theme, Horror Fields creates an entire "entity" in their haunt, offering a walk through a dilapidated outhouse, a stroll through a creepy, bug (and creature) infested swamp complete with cross-over bridge (which was absolutely beautiful), a visit to Colton's workshop, a stop by the local Slaughterhouse, and tons more. 

In wrapping up this interview, I cannot fail to mention how much fun I had interacting with the characters at this haunt. At 99% of the haunts I have visited, its a dude in a mask making noises PERIOD. At this haunt, they talk with you, personalize the experience with you, and encourage participation from you. Its an incredible innovation in the haunt world and one that Horror Fields perfects.  Go to this haunt, plain and simple. Take a group of friends and you WILL have a blast.

Horror Fields is located at 4270 Helena St. in Sawmills, NC. Tickets are $13, but I have discount coupons available if anyone messages me.  I plan on being out there again on October 28th to do some on the scene interviews/reactions with random "victims" of the haunt, so hit me up if you want to come out that night.  Make sure to check out their FACEBOOK and their OFFICIAL SITE.

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Reapers Realm in China Grove NC is a must for any FrightSeeker they have a 6,000 Square ft house and trail tons of scares no  entertainment they have added alot of new things 150 ft swinging bridge a haunted sewer can't give away everything but every week is something new 1610 Daughtery Rd China Grove NC
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